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    Look what Meg is doing!!!! :)

    Congrats!! That's great news.
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    Calf Born last night ~ NOT eating.... **More pic's #37**

    How is little Nutmeg doing today? She is sure pretty.
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    New to this forum

    Welcome from another newbie who knows nothing lol. I sure have learned alot here and everyone is just great!
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    Yea!!! Bottle calf

    Drank a whole 3 1/2 pints. Once I fixed it right he took it no problems. And he didn't even make a mess with it. Thankyou everyone for your advice.
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    Questions from the newbie

    Ok thanks for all the wonderful, helpful advice. I so appricitate it. You're the BEST!!
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    Questions from the newbie

    Ok I am so stupid. I just re-read the directions on the milk replacer and I have been mixing it wrong. I was mixing it 50/50 and I am suppose to mix 1part milk replacer to 2 quarts water. Have I done him major harm? He only took 4 pints of it like that over the last 2 days.
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    when to transition from bottle to bucket?

    How do you transion from the bottle to the pail?
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    Questions from the newbie

    Thank you for the advice. I don't see anything wrong with his tounge. He mouths everything the wire panles, the feed trough, the water bucket. He even stands and licks the metal post that holds the windmill up. I do sit and rub him in between and that seems to help. He does alot of pacing around...
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    Kansas here

    I live in Kansas. I am about 45min away from Wichita. I have my fist holstin bottle calf. I hope to get another maybe a girl this time. I would love to have fresh milk. My Grandfather has a beef herd and use to keep a few Jersy for milking.
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    Questions from the newbie

    He is a holstin. I got him from some people who bought him to replace a calf their cow lost but she rejected him. They said they were milking her and bottling the calf, he was strong and fast, but they didn't have time for him. When I picked him up he was laying in a dirty pen with dirty water...
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    Questions from the newbie

    My calf is only taking about 1 1/2 pints at each feeding. He is really sloppy and dosn't seem to understand the bottle. I have a bucket of water for him and I have watched him try to drink but mostly he just dunks his nose in. His stools look a little better today there was a couple of solid...
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    Hello!! New here

    Hi everyone. I just got my first bottle calf. He is the cutiest thing. I am looking forward to all the great advice I know I will get here.