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  1. Hufflesheep

    Tinted discharge from pregnant ewe?

    I'm glad this was posted I had the same question!
  2. Hufflesheep

    Now my turn - Waiting for lambs

    Scotch Mule ewe lamb! Meet snowdrop
  3. Hufflesheep

    Now my turn - Waiting for lambs

    I think today is the day! Her little tail has been up a lot and she looks like she's going to fall out. She had a big breakfast, so now I'll see if my prediction is accurate. :idunno
  4. Hufflesheep

    Now my turn - Waiting for lambs

    The bugger is still holding on! 😅
  5. Hufflesheep

    Now my turn - Waiting for lambs

    5 expectant ewes. Three sbf and 2 finn. I believe this gal will be my first to go. She is a first timer with a huge bag. Her vulva went from red soft and floppy to dark and sort of swollen. I can't tell if she's dropped yet - both her and her mother carry a lot of weight is the butt area. 😁
  6. Hufflesheep

    2021, Waiting on lambs!

    I'm so jelly!! I'm waiting and waiting! When did you set up your breeding groups?
  7. Hufflesheep

    I found a new sheep podcast!

    Google podcast, iTunes or Spotify :)
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    Just got BFLs - i hate them

    Crap, it didn't post😬
  9. Hufflesheep

    New to Sheep - Feeding Enough?

    Welcome aboard! :)
  10. Hufflesheep

    I found a new sheep podcast!

    It's called "Sheep stuff ewe should know" I've been listening to it while I do my chores and it's very informative and fun! They cover topics for both beginners and seasoned shepherds.
  11. Hufflesheep

    When will my ewe lamb?

    T That's awesome! Congratulations! Super adorable! 😍
  12. Hufflesheep

    When will my ewe lamb?

    I love playing that game! I noticed her tail was lifted. Did you get lambs? I think it's almost impossible to know for sure until THE DAY. I think it's also very difficult for other ppl who don't know your sheep because they all look different.
  13. Hufflesheep

    Herding Dogs

    Same here.... :lol: They come running --- Even when they are in someone else's field, :hide Oof! Mine are so stubborn, when they get loose if they hear the grain can they run faster away from me! 😫
  14. Hufflesheep

    Just got BFLs - i hate them

    They are very sweet and adorable! I love their little high pitched bleats. My blackies are brutes and hardly ever bleat.. I'm wishing I got mature animals, I feel like they're extra fragile as little lambs? Or is this just them?
  15. Hufflesheep

    Just got BFLs - i hate them

    i don't know if it's the breeder i got them from or the breed. But Ive had nothing but health issues from day 1 with these animals. I bought three - 1 ram and 2 ewes to add to my SBF flock in mid June and it's been hell. Hoof issues, scours, one got scours this morning and dropped dead by end...
  16. Hufflesheep

    Head Butting is Stupid

    Oh no! My ewes love a scrap!! It's so aggravating!
  17. Hufflesheep

    Navel/joint ill in lamb??

    Me again! 😩 hopefully I'll get the hang of this eventually! I had a lamb born last Tuesday. Everything was going exceptionally well, (a couple of nursing issues, but easily resolved.) Yesterday i thought i noticed a bit of a limp or stiffness in his back foot or leg he was jumping around quite...
  18. Hufflesheep

    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    I sort of have a "jeez, what's the big deal" attitude, but that's probably because I live in a very rural area and im a complete recluse anyways. So my personal life is effected 0% other than my son being home from school. I have heard many discussions on whether shutting everything down has...