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  1. Stacykins

    First Barn Cat

    Alas, two barn cats are not in the cards. I hope with sufficient attention, one should do OK. I worry about the initial transition period the most. Those I live with are not cat people. My indoor cat is tolerated because she is a Siamese mix who acts just like a dog.
  2. Stacykins

    First Barn Cat

    I've never kept a barn cat, so this is new territory for me. Though all feed is kept in metal bins, I am noticing mice and mouse droppings around. Traps work, sometimes. I am never going to put down poison, so that won't be a method of control. I am bringing home a kitten August 4th, when she...
  3. Stacykins

    Xena, Athena, and Percy

    Ahoy, all! It has been a long while since I've surfed about on BYH. I mostly stick to BYC. But kidding has finally begun! I had triplets born here on March 13th. Two doelings and a buckling. All three have their father's blue eyed (that is 7 out of 7 kids born to him that are blue eyed)! Their...
  4. Stacykins

    Multimin 90

    I got a bottle of multimin 90 from vetserv today, and have already put it to work. Everything I read online was that the goat dose is 1mL per 100lbs. So today all my goats got weighed, and each got a dose according to their weight. One thing I haven't been able to find is how long should it...
  5. Stacykins

    Nigerian Dwarf Buckling--Safe to Wean???

    When I disbudded my kids, I offered them back to mother butt first. That way, she didn't smell the singed fur/skin when she first got her kids back. Seemed to work like a charm! Also, the bandages are likely not necessary. A lot of folks just spray on some blue kote or something similar to...
  6. Stacykins

    New Med for Coccidiosis (toltrazuril)

    It is a magic bullet...for now. When (not if, because it is inevitable) it starts being misused, it may sadly go the way of other medications, with the pathogen becoming resistant.
  7. Stacykins

    Possibly Polled?

    That definitely gives me hope that he is polled! Him being polled with just be extra icing on the cake! Here are the pictures of the horn area. Bumps, but not horns. Kind of looks like bone, actually. If he was polled, I guess those would be the 'knots'? Distance picture! Closer, one side...
  8. Stacykins

    Quick Milker

    I just got one. I like hand milking, but my father has a hard time with it. So it is mostly for his use if I cannot milk the girls (work). It works, but I am not thrilled with it. It is very slow. I can get almost all the milk off an udder with it (without oversuctioning), except for the last...
  9. Stacykins

    Possibly Polled?

    Just to start off, I know the only true way to find out if the lad is polled is to breed him and see if polled kids pop out. But I am interested to hear your thoughts on if he is potentially polled or not! I just added this little Nigerian Dwarf buckling to my herd, to bring in some new...
  10. Stacykins

    Visiting with Goat Kids

    I have a question, if anyone has any experience with it. Mostly regarding taking goat kids out to visit with people and how to prepare. In a nutshell, my grandmother lives at an assisted side of a nursing home. She was hugely excited when the kids were born last week, and I printed out some...
  11. Stacykins

    How do you pick your Farm Name?!?!

    Heh, yea, good thing I explained. But I guess I didn't explain everything! Here is a wikipedia page on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . It is like a completely separate state. In fact, in the past, the UP has tried to separate from the rest of Michigan!
  12. Stacykins

    How do you pick your Farm Name?!?!

    My parents call this little hobby farm "Cold Comfort Farm" after the book and movie. Perhaps because it is cold here and we are really quirky (not as much as the characters in the book, though), and we are city/suburb folks turning to country life (the book's narrator was a city girl who went to...
  13. Stacykins

    Yoko's Kids!

    Yoko kidded yesterday evening :weee . She was a champ through the entire thing. She is a first freshener and I am a newbie to the birthing process. The girl came first and she was malpositioned (sideways!), but with a little help getting oriented, it all went well. The little boy came second...
  14. Stacykins

    Help! Steel Milk Stand Fix - Defective Square Pocket!

    I do have a neighbor who is a welder by trade, but is currently a stay at home Dad (his wife is a doctor, so it makes sense that he is taking care of the kids). I'm not sure if he has any welding equipment at his house to weld, though. Maybe I'll ask, and provide fresh eggs for a while in...
  15. Stacykins

    Help! Steel Milk Stand Fix - Defective Square Pocket!

    So when you shell out $400 for a brand new steel milking stand with all the works, you should expect to receive a flawless piece of work, right? Right?! Apparently, this is not the case in my case. Yep, I hemorrhaged all that money expecting a nice, function stand. But one critical defect has...
  16. Stacykins

    Due the 8th! C'mon Yoko!

    The forecast has changed radically in the next 36 hours. It went from dry to 6-9 inches of SNOW, to fall tonight and tomorrow. So I would bet that Yoko is savvy to this storm, and will give birth sometime during it! Edit: New picture uploaded. This was taken last night! Amazing how much an...
  17. Stacykins

    Goat biting others ears....

    My herd queen is an ear biter. But she isn't terribly vicious about it. Usually she'll nudge at the other goat (not a headbutt really, 'tis gentle) before she aims for the ears. It usually only happens during food time, since she wants her share FIRST, so if another goat tries to get in her way...
  18. Stacykins

    Due the 8th! C'mon Yoko!

    Day 146! Maybe she is waiting for the storm system that is moving in this afternoon and tonight. My lack of sleep is starting to show :caf
  19. Stacykins

    Due the 8th! C'mon Yoko!

    Thanks, all! She is a real sweetheart and I really love her. Yoko actually seems to be adoring all the extra attention coming her way with her being so close to kidding! This morning I couldn't feed her a banana fast enough, and then she went to eat hay. So last night was not the night. I...
  20. Stacykins

    Due the 8th! C'mon Yoko!

    Ya'll might've seen this if you're on BYC. But I figured I'd cross post. My doe, Sunnybrook Yoko, is due to pop on the 8th. That is her day 145! I am certain of her due date, because she only spent one day with my buck George. I am such an anxious new mother! I bought a wireless security camera...