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    Can my male bunnies live together with their father?

    I have angora rabbits and my doe had a littler of 5 bunnies about two months ago. A few days ago, she had a second litter of 8 (buck took his chance as I was cleaning out her cage). They are my first litters, so I'm new to all this. I separated the older rabbits from the mom and left her with...
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    Are these signs of labor? Is she even pregnant? 😳

    My goat has been acting pretty strange since yesterday afternoon. I noticed her laying down a lot which was the first sign that something's up. She's also super "lovely" with me and rubbing herself all over me which is very unusual for her. She's a little fidgety, walking and laying down many...
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    My goat got into the corn feed

    He hasn't been vaccinated at all. In fact, none of my 3 goats are. It's not common practice here in Sweden to vaccinate hobby goats - only those intended for milk production and after castrations. I've called the local vet (though local is not very near in my region) so I'm hoping to hear back...
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    My goat got into the corn feed

    He's eating hay and drinking. I gave him some bicarbonate and oil. He's still slow and tired but moving around more than yesterday
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    My goat got into the corn feed

    Hi there, first time goat mom here. My 6 month old goat managed to sneak into the chicken coop and got into the bin with corn for my chickens. This was yesterday afternoon. From what I could see, my three goats ate a small bucket-full. The other two seem fine but the buck has diarrhea, is...