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  1. sylviethecochin

    Help overwintering in NW PA

    Sorry—I tend to poke around here without being logged in, and I hadn't realised I hadn't thanked you for your answer. So yeah. Thanks. From the looks of it, there are only about three beekeepers active on this forum. I did make a candy board. During a warm spell this spring, it started to melt...
  2. sylviethecochin

    New to Beekeeping

    Welp, I won't pretend to be an expert beekeeper. I've finally just had two hives make it through the winter without being robbed to death by wasps, or just plain failing to thrive in PA weather (teach me to order bees from Cali). But here is what I would do if you're planning on actually keeping...
  3. sylviethecochin

    Plastic queen excluders? Do they work?

    The guy I bought my bees from has been keeping bees for more than forty years, and he said he'd not used an excluder for more than a couple hives. So there's that.
  4. sylviethecochin

    Bees w Geese question?

    I got bees this spring (had them before, but had bad luck) and they've never bothered the geese and the geese have never bothered them.
  5. sylviethecochin

    Help overwintering in NW PA

    I got Hive 1 in mid-June, as a 5-frame Nucleus. A little late, but for $75, I'll happily take it. Fed a quart of 1:1 every day right up until mid-August, when I stopped because I started seeing a few wasps buzzing around (yellow jackets killed my last attempt at beekeeping), and the nectar flow...