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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Piper, our 3-year-old female LGD Great Pyrenees. She's just now coming out of her puppy stage and is turning out to be a great dog with the goats.
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    Look Who I Found Playing on My Wood Pile? A Little Buck Kid!

    I was outside today checking everybody's water levels since it's rather warm here in NC, and I found this little mischievous guy playing on my wood pile! What a cute little buck!
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    Buck with Poor Body Condition, Anemia, Flaky Skin

    I am waiting to hear back from the Rollins lab about some specifics I needed answered before we attempted blood draws ourselves. This is just the kick in the butt we needed to get them CAE and CL tested as well. Anything else you would suggest testing for? In the meantime, Pee Dee RAN to greet...
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    Buck with Poor Body Condition, Anemia, Flaky Skin

    I found it! $15 for a Johnes fecal sample test. I'll give them a call tomorrow to be sure, but hopefully we can get this resolved so I can take action if it is Johnes.
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    Buck with Poor Body Condition, Anemia, Flaky Skin

    The buck is separated from the does right now, but he is normally housed for most of the year in with our does. Is it a blood test for Johnes? If so, I'll need to call my local vet pronto to see if he can do a blood draw. Hubby is an EMT-Paramedic and could do the blood draw, but I'm sure they...
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    Buck with Poor Body Condition, Anemia, Flaky Skin

    I cannot seem to figure out what is going on with our 2-year-old Nubian buck. He is just not "bouncing back" from what I originally coined to a bad winter. Here are his symptoms: Weight loss Flaky skin - mainly on rump, neck, shoulders, hips Anemia - white eyelids, white gums Appetite...
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    Ivermectin PLUS Injectable for Goats?

    Good article with dosages and treatment frequency for injected Ivermectin Plus.
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    Ivermectin PLUS Injectable for Goats?

    Great!!! I have looked up suggested dosages online and they are similar. I will post them here once I get home tonight for future reference.
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    Ivermectin PLUS Injectable for Goats?

    I have a doe who I'm sure has lungworm. I have tried Safeguard (didn't do a THING of course), Valbazen (still has lungworm symptoms), and DE/Molly's herbal mix in her feed. Symptoms: No weight gain, miscarriage, coughing after activity such as running. No respiratory symptoms such as running...
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    Walnut Hill Kidding Thread...Finally, they are here with pictures!

    Did I miss the kid pictures? I must say she has a beautiful head!
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    Horns vs. No horns. What do you like best?

    It's personal preference, really. Sort of like the "should I declaw my cat?" debate with pet owners. I have had Boers (all horned) and now we have disbudded dairy goats. We do have one that is horned. It is possible to get punctured or scratched badly by horns, so it is not entirely impossible...
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    Kiko Quints!!!

    Just out of curosity, were the bucks the darker ones? Wonder what the chances are you carried a set of twin and a set of triplets at the same time. Hmm. All look healthy and happy! Congrats!
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    I need name ideas for a Nigerian doeling!

    Her registered name could be ANYTHING and you could just call her Maizy.
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    Compare and Contrast Heritage Breeds?

    We purchased two Yorkshire/Potbelly cross boars last fall to grow out to process. They are growing really slowly and are short and stocky like the potbelly. I would LOVE to get my hands on some Large Black Hogs to breed ourselves.
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    Is SafeGuard wormer safe for my pregnant doe?

    Safeguard is a really ineffective wormer around here. We only use it if we know the goat has tapeworms since it does work on them. You may want to ask for an alternative such as Ivomec Plus. Valbazen is good, but NOT for pregnant does.
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    Pregnant Goat VERY fat... UPDATE: PIC OF A 225LB NUBIAN DOE!!!

    Look at her udder and posture. Are you sure she's only just a few weeks along?
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    What/how much does your LGD eat?

    We have a 4-yr-old spayed female GP and a 6-month-old male GP. Between the two, we go through a 40-pound bag of good quality dog food every 10 days.
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    North Carolina

    Hi, Meg! You're not far from us. We are in SE Bladen County - near Elizabethtown.
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    Great Pyrenees... **UPDATE W/PUPPY PICS on pg 8**

    Yay!!! Are they white or badger-marked?
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    greenfamilyfarm's Journal - Nubian Kids are HERE! Pictures Up

    This morning Citabria and Cessna took their bottles without me having to put the nipples in their mouths! Yay! They are catching on quick. I've already had requests for friend's children to come by and feed them one day.