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    Budget friendly patio table turned feeder!

    A few months back, a bad storm blew over our patio table and broke the glass top. We had plans to put a new top on it but never got around to it. So fast forward to a couple days ago. We are ready to bring our first goats home and I am trying to find something we already have to repurpose as a...
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    New goat momma has questions.

    If you say yes to grain, medicated or no? Depending on your answer to the previous quesiton.. would either of these feeds work?
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    New goat momma has questions.

    Hey, I am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf wethers this weekend. I already have a pen off to the side of the yard for my chickens. It is pretty big, so I built the goats a shelter on the opposite end of the chicken coop. The goats will be let out of the pen every morning. Most mornings I will leave...