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  1. JimLad

    How much hay bedding for goats in the winter?

    Mine add some every day, all by themselves. They eat in the same shed that they sleep in so the floor keeps getting higher. It's great insulation, produces its own warmth and can be cleaned up when the ground outside is dry.
  2. JimLad

    First time goat owners - any advice appreciated!

    I agree wholeheartedly on the predator thing but even if you are in Australia or New Zealand you have to be mindful of dogs. I experienced a dog pack attacking my animals many years ago and saw the same dogs sitting on the doorstep of their owners a few days later. I have good fencing now but it...
  3. JimLad

    First time goat owners - any advice appreciated!

    I have Boer Goats, myself. They are quiet until they see me coming. Neighbours don't mind that at all. Mine are not very big but they are tubby so going over the fence is not an issue. I'm told that they will squeeze under but I have a bottom strand so that stops them. Their paddocks used to...
  4. JimLad

    Official BYH Poll: Worst Backyard Herd Predator?

    Ah! One of the dogs that killed several of my birds was a Malamute. Got himself into a frenzy. Bylaws declared him a dangerous dog. The restrictions placed on him are so severe that it takes the pleasure out of owning the pet. Sadly, they never took the time to apologize. I'm on Vancouver Island...
  5. JimLad

    Official BYH Poll: Worst Backyard Herd Predator?

    What kind of dogs? I forgot about hawks, owls and eagles although I tend to give them a pass.
  6. JimLad

    Official BYH Poll: Worst Backyard Herd Predator?

    Had to choose mink. They have left so much devastation. Then dogs, raccoons and cats. 😸 Ended up getting out of birds completely except for the two, remaining guinea fowl which today alerted me to the black bear which was chasing the Boers around the paddock. Have some electric fencing to fix in...
  7. JimLad

    Who will eat this grass??

    Hi FaithFarm: I had to tether my goats and lamb to the grassy areas to get them to touch it. Worked really well but it is very time consuming. I tethered three animals out of six and the other three stayed close by. You'd need to stay on top of them and keep the pruners...
  8. JimLad

    Looking for Boer Stud

    Looking for Boer Stud on Vancouver Island. If there is a more appropriate place for this thread, I'll be happy to go there. Be safe. Jim
  9. JimLad

    Bottle lamb and goat bonded

    I added a six month old bottle fed lamb and a just under three month old goat raised Boer doeling about three weeks later, to my young herd. Over a month ago now, I guess. The lamb was already spending the night in a separate shed in order to prevent bullying and there is no way that the young...
  10. JimLad

    Tethering Goats?

    Old thread, I know but it's what comes up when I search for tethering and it saves me starting another. I finally relented yesterday and began tethering the goats and lamb. We're on an acreage that, for a couple of reasons, I can't completely fence. I have a paddock, a small pasture and a whole...
  11. JimLad

    2020 Swarms

    Well now I know who to ask about bees. Got my first hive this year and loving it. Made half a dozen Bait hives but I think I'm a bit too late for that so I'll buy one more nuc. Love the pictures.
  12. JimLad

    Geese pros and cons

    I had Embdens until a few weeks ago. Id say that they are as smart as any dog and until the gander took a slice off the goat's ear, quite harmless. They were rescued and I've had them for years but given that I have grandkids and there are toddlers next door, they had to go. They are cranky when...
  13. JimLad

    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    Welcome, Shannon. Not sure whether Emil is your uncle or husband but sincere condolences just the same. Really quiet round here with all of the chickens, ducks and geese gone but enjoying the goats and lamb immensely. I love Alberta and the people there. Love the big sky. Peace from Vancouver...
  14. JimLad

    Sheba-A Marvelous Gift

    Wow! Look at the size of those paws.
  15. JimLad

    Adding a Lamb to the Goat Herd

    There's no substitute for experience. Thanks. I'll get a great deal of enjoyment following the progress.
  16. JimLad

    Adding a Lamb to the Goat Herd

    That's really nice to know. The Southern tip of Vancouver Island, where we are, experiences a summer drought every year (we pay for it in spades from Autumn to Spring) and all of that green turns to brown and growth comes to a standstill. With your facts in mind, I am really looking forward to...
  17. JimLad

    Adding a Lamb to the Goat Herd

    Thanks Ridgetop: Well it's been over a week now and everything is going great. The bullying seems to have stopped, it was only ever one goat, and I give her her own shed at night so that they are not confined together. The grass still isn't being touched but the lamb eats lots of weeds that...
  18. JimLad

    Adding a Lamb to the Goat Herd

    As I feared, the doe who was bullied the most is bullying the lamb. I'll give her time to settle in but in the meantime I can keep them apart when I'm not around. I have to the option of bringing her brother home if it makes things easier. She's crying constantly but the owner said to expect that.
  19. JimLad

    Adding a Lamb to the Goat Herd

    All good advice. Thanks. I got a response to my ad almost immediately and brought home a three month old ewe.