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  1. Totesmygoats

    How long to train a goat to be milked?

    Hi All. I have a 3yr old ND. She kidded out the beginning of March. The milking has been quite trying to say the least. She's not a first time milker, but i am. (Her previous owner milked her.) She jumps onto the stand no problem and but barely stands long enough to finish her oats. Then she's...
  2. Totesmygoats

    Nigerian.dwarf pre labour

    Hi all. I have a 2 yr old Nigerian doe who should be kidding any day now. We've had some difficulties with the conception date.. (our doe came into heat and was breed by our recently castrated whether) Anyways long story short I really don't have a concret due date for her. Last week we had a...
  3. Totesmygoats

    Starting a hobby farm

    Hello All, Just wanting to introduce myself. I'm in Alberta, Canada. Looking forward to learning some new things about our critters. We have mini rex rabbits, chickens, and Nigerian goats. We'll be starting with Chinchilla rabbits at the end of the month. Exciting and busy times ahead!