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  1. isra

    Limping doeling -

    Hi friends- My 5 week old doeling, whom we named Norbert(a) - Bertie for short, cried out the other day (Tuesday) and when I looked outside all the goats (mama and Dobby- the wether) were all startled and just standing there- the doeling was holding up her front leg and looked like she may...
  2. isra

    assorted goat questions - and pics ;)

    Hello friends - A few questions for my fellow goat owners as my anxiety has been somewhat heightened since losing Luna. 1. How cold is too cold for my wether to be outside in an enclosed shelter with a little doggie door that he can go outside in a small fenced in area. It’s gonna be 25...
  3. isra

    New from NC 🐐

    Hello, I’m new here- and new to goats- I live in a very urban area but lucky enough to have a good amount of land and no HOA :) I’ve had goats since May of last year. I’ve always wanted goats and had one for about a year as a kid (until it “went back to the farm” after he got loose and ate the...