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  1. Straw Hat Kikos

    Pitbulls killed 200 goats That stinks. Poor goats
  2. Straw Hat Kikos

    Active North Carolinians

    We need to see who the active North Carolinians are here. We have... Straw Hat Kikos Southern by choice marlowmanor Tmaxon Greenbean OneFineAcre wantless mama24
  3. Straw Hat Kikos

    When you sell registerable goats...

    When you sell your registerable goats do you pay for the registration fee? When I bought my Kiko buck I expected to pay the registration fee but instead the breeder wrote me a check for the amount that it costs to register the goat. I thought that was rather classy and wish more people did...
  4. Straw Hat Kikos

    Super Bowl Ad

    It's got a baby goat, alpaca, piggy, dog, but sadly no sheep. Sorry Sheeple! heheh
  5. Straw Hat Kikos

    This year's Super Bowl

    Who do want to win this year's Super Bowl? The game is being held in New Orleans at the Big Easy, where my Saints play. Make a pick, prediction, tell us why you're right, or why you want one team over the other. Or just pick. :)
  6. Straw Hat Kikos

    Article on goat abortions 2012/13 Take from it what you want but it does seem to me that alot of people have been having kidding/lambing issues this year.
  7. Straw Hat Kikos

    Baby chicks

    Just saw this
  8. Straw Hat Kikos

    Purchase check list (goat)

    This is my current list of questions, things I do and look at when I call or check out a goat that I may want to purchase. I am always changing and updating this list and as my list changes I will change it here too. If you have anything you have questions about, would change, or would add to...
  9. Straw Hat Kikos

    You have to see this

    Check out this really neat video of a kid playing the "washer"
  10. Straw Hat Kikos

    For those of you that are Redskin fans

    Oh RG3
  11. Straw Hat Kikos

    What do you say?

    I myself will ONLY ever say buck and doe, but I know alot of people say (sorry this is hard for me).......billy and nanny. I was wondering what most people here on BYH's says.
  12. Straw Hat Kikos

    Hay feeder I built

    Here's a hay feeder I build a while ago and wanted to post up here. I did post it in my journal but never up here for others to really see. I made it from wood laying around which makes it better. :P I still use this and I throw a bale of hay in it and the goats just pick it apart...
  13. Straw Hat Kikos

    It's the end of the world

    As you know, today is December 20th, 2012. You know, the eve of the end of the world. I wanted to remind everyone and let you all know, enjoy yourself because the world ends tomorrow!!! Today will be a great day!!!!!!! :lau
  14. Straw Hat Kikos

    Eye issue

    Today I went out to feed the Kikos, as I do everyday, and this morning I saw that Moses' right eye was strange looking. It was a light milky looking color but you could still easily see his eye and his eye color. It's more like a light white glaze over his right eye. He also keep it mostly shut...
  15. Straw Hat Kikos

    Harsh Words

    I prefer the NRK over both the AKGA and the IKGA just as these people do. I like the NKR better for many reasons and these people cover some of them and more. I have never seen someone explain it so well and really put their thoughts down so well. This is why Lookout Point Ranch prefers the NKR...
  16. Straw Hat Kikos

    One more funny video

    Watch this and you'll be singing it all day. It is so funny and catchy.
  17. Straw Hat Kikos

    Ya'll want to see something funny? This is so funy!! btw how do I make this not a link but a video right here?
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    Which is/are your favorite(s)?

    Which are your favorites? *Keep in mind you only vote once. You can choose multiple animals though.* Sorry bon. ;) btw before I get shredded for this I will address it. I know it says "Who ire you favorites?" Well I didn't type that. Either BYH or the computer made a mistake. One that is not...
  19. Straw Hat Kikos

    Which do you fancy better?

    Do you like sheep or goats better? * Please keep in mind this is just a friendly poll to see if we have more goat crazies or sheep crazies.*