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  1. abraeri

    Repeated Hind Leg Stretching

    What could be the cause of repeated stretching of hind legs in a buckling. He is acting off and standing in a corner. No fever. I posted to the emergency thread as well with a few more details as I am very worried about him.
  2. abraeri

    Please help... Goat Kid Off Feed, repeatedly stretching legs

    So I have a 2 month old buckling and today he is being completely standoffish in a corner of the barn. Repeatedly stretching his hind legs. Yesterday night he kept tying to get to the grain his mother was eating so we had to restrain him by holding his neck/head and I'm not sure if that could be...
  3. abraeri

    Udder Injury, Pink Milk

    Today on of my goat mama's tore a little bit off the back of her udder. It's probably taken one layer of skin off in a triangular shape. Hardly any bleeding. When I noticed it I sprayed it with iodine then wrapped it with some triple antibiotic. She is still nursing her kids (but separated at...
  4. abraeri

    Goat kid high fever (105.6) and scours.

    Goat kid 1.5 month old. Still on dam. Yesterday it rained so I figured the scours (light greenish) that I saw today were due to that; gave her some probios and cleaned her up. That was in the afternoon. At 9 I checked her temperature and it was 105.6. Which I realize is really high. She still...
  5. abraeri

    Goat Kid Ate Duck Food (Bloat/Choke)

    So I have 4 little kiddos. The oldest one is a boy and they all get a little bit of grain every night; the oldest is the only one that really eats it and not just nibbling. Today the whole lot of them got out and got into the duck food. When found they ran away and the oldest had a little bit...
  6. abraeri

    Mother Distancing from Kids

    We have a small herd of three and this was our first kidding. So we had two does kid this past week.The first one had two healthy kiddos that are jumping and being very normal goat kids I would say. Her delivery was quick and easy; she bonded well, comes running if they cry, talks to them, etc...
  7. abraeri

    Goat kid disbudding bleeding

    We disbudded one our bucklings today. It's our first time around and we didn't burn enough it seems. We let him out and I'm not sure if it's because he knocked the scan off, but now it's bleeding. Not too profusely but it's not stopping and it's night which means I have to put him in with his...
  8. abraeri

    Tip of Leg Bent

    We had our first kidding 'season' if you could call it that. We had two does give birth. The second doe gave birth yesterday to a giant boy (11 pounds), who had to be pulled out and a smaller boy (6 pounds) who came almost an hour after the first. The smaller one is obviously a little behind...
  9. abraeri

    Goat pregnancy and toxic plants

    I've been looking in a lot of places but can't find the effects of toxic plants on a pregnant goat. Our goats were confirmed pregnant at around 50 days after breeding using BioPRYNN. How far along would the pregnancy have to be in order for there to be a visible sign of abortion/miscarriage...
  10. abraeri

    Goat Kid Lethargic and Fever

    We got a new 6 month goat kid a few weeks ago along with the two year old ones we had. They had some fighting when we put them together, but not really anything too serious. Today night we noticed the kid was lethargic and we checked her temperature - 105.8. However, she has a good appetite...
  11. abraeri

    First Time Barn Kitty Questions

    So we got two 8 week kittens from someone who trapped them in his backyard. Testimony of the trapper is they were 'real killers' so hoping for some mouse carcasses soon lol. He sort of tamed them to being okay with human touch sometimes. I petted them the day we got them and they were fine...
  12. abraeri

    Creamy Milk — Mastitis?

    So we recently bought two Nubian Does - first fresheners that kidded in beginning February (we bought them in March). After the initial stress of moving one consistently provided around 3 lbs... peaking somewhere at 3.5. The other one was more consistent at 2.2... peaking at 2.8 or something...
  13. abraeri

    Goat with Diarrhea and other questions

    So we got goats (2 2-year old, first freshening does) for the first time 2 weeks ago, and the first few days they weren't eating, always crying, etc. They are from a farm with around 50-so goats, so were extremely homesick the first week. They have somewhat settled down lately (thankfully), and...