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  1. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Yes that is what I plan to do
  2. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Thank you all, I think I'll just wait to get him!!
  3. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Hey y'all I might buy a jack (not gelded) donkey, and we have 4 goats due to kid on Friday so I was wondering if the jack would try to kill the kids when they are born or what he would do??… We want him for a guardian for them all… So would it be ok If I get the jack before they kid or should I...
  4. Duck lover88

    Wow thats cool!

    Wow thats cool!
  5. Duck lover88

    I'm still a stranger ((ask for knowledge))

    Ok I got one... what is ur favorite animal? mine is ducks or horses.
  6. Duck lover88

    family dog

  7. Duck lover88

    family dog

    So this is kinda late but oh well but if you don't know already there are lots of great herding dogs in shelters but like always there is always a small risk when you adopt. also don't forget that each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000...
  8. Duck lover88

    Journey to the desert.....:)

    The sand looks AWESOME so does ur food! hope to see more!
  9. Duck lover88

    New to the Group Hello from Merriam KS/Turney MO

    Howdy! and welcome :welcome, that sounds like such a awesome journey your on!! can't wait to here more from y'all!!
  10. Duck lover88

    Howdy folks!

    yes that is ripple!! I have 21 Khaki Campbell's at the moment but more are hatching right now!
  11. Duck lover88

    Howdy folks!

    Hey everyone I'm new here I'm a student from N.C with Nigerian dwarf goats, rabbits, ducks, quail and many more animals!! I will just be "lurking" around (for now) to learn more about animals!