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    Un-banding immediatly?

    My sister picked up her little buck today. While they ran in to get his paperwork they also banded him. Our intention was to breed him to someday. Can the band be removed? It's been about 15 minutes since it was put on.
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    Sudden Loss

    This evening my daughter lost her 5 week old. She was fine all day, we played outside and she was active and happy. I gave them some milk when we came in, about 6 oz since she was eating grass today and 2 hours later she was dead. We have had her since she was a week old, she didn't take the...
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    Horse sounding kid and a feeding question

    It's probably nothing but I like to be sure. We picked up two Nigerian Dwarf bottle babies two days ago, they are 6 and 12 days old. When we first picked them up the older girl (now named Krestly) screamed and screamed, now she is horse and squeaky. Everything seems fine, both girls play and...