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  1. B&B Happy goats

    Wolfemomma - Our Homestead Journey

    Happy to read they arrived safely, congratulations :clap
  2. B&B Happy goats

    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    If you have a extra piece of lattice to use, that may ease the worry for you :hugs :thumbsup
  3. B&B Happy goats

    bethh Life on the Funny Farm

    He may take to the bottle...I have had to bottle feed older kids and used a plastic baby bottle...I used a skewer to make the hole in the nipple larger, held the kid and kept squirting the milk into its mouth, it took almost the entire day but got him drinking from it by evening....I used warm...
  4. B&B Happy goats

    Hello from North Central Alabama

    Welcome to BYH, nice to have you join us. :frow
  5. B&B Happy goats

    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    Have you considered using lattice, fence wire, hardware cloth or rabbit wire to cover the window ?
  6. B&B Happy goats

    rachels.haven's Journal

  7. B&B Happy goats

    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    Sounds kinda foolish to me, why rush the kids back to school in places where the numbers are so high....Florida has definitely hit the high numbers..and now the governor wants to resume school in August...:idunno.???
  8. B&B Happy goats

    Greetings, happy to be here.

    :frow welcome to the herd from Florida :welcome:woot
  9. B&B Happy goats

    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    Well consider it sent from us if ya want.......if not , blame mother nature cuz she sure has more headed our way :plbb...:lol:..sure beats a hurricane any day :bow
  10. B&B Happy goats

    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    We have another week of rain in the forecast for us .....hope you got a snorkel on hand ..:th
  11. B&B Happy goats

    Snow bunnies

    I raised rabbits in New England in the cold and it was much easier raising them in the cold there than it is here in Florida with the heat,and humidity...just give them plenty of hay in a hutch with shelter from the wind...and watch if you get down to sub zero temperatures, you may want to get...
  12. B&B Happy goats

    I'm new here!

    Hello and welcome from Florida, happy to have you join us... :frow
  13. B&B Happy goats

    Cow with no ears

    How wonderful they kept her and she is living a happy life , nice pictures too :thumbsup
  14. B&B Happy goats

    Chickens really- My adventure into Goats

    That intersection is quite scary from the birds eye view...sure wouldn't like to have to cross it daily...😳
  15. B&B Happy goats

    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    No need for name calling at all STA, IF people can't understand what the CDC is recommending for us as a population to do to decrease the spreading of covid, and what our local government is recommending we take as precautions in our own states...then we all get what the general...
  16. B&B Happy goats

    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    I have to add that I don't like wearing a mask myself as it's hard for me to breath in one and I am claustrophobic and it makes me panic for breath, but it is necessary as Florida is blowing up with the virus as it is in many southern states.... There are only two things we can have control...
  17. B&B Happy goats

    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    As we watched the new last night it was mentioned that we are not only fighting a pandemic in this country...we are fighting stupidity....ain't THAT the truth ! uncomfortable as wearing a mask is, it's pretty darn simple, ...if you are going out in public, protect yourself if not...
  18. B&B Happy goats

    Gardner’s California Homestead

    At least you can get close to "Kevin" our two " pork chops" are still keeping a safe distance from us at the moment, but they still have some time to "warm up" to us ...till they go to freezer camp...:rolleyes: