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  1. Sheepshape

    Hallo from the UK!

    Welcome.....also from Wales. Croeso.....nearly lapsed into Welsh then. If you have migrated from the 'rarefied air' of BYC, you'll find folk here equally well informed, but SO much more friendly. What animals do you/do you intend to keep? I hope you will benefit from the site.
  2. Sheepshape

    Bottle jaw

    So sorry to hear that you have had a horrid start with your sheep. It does sound as though your ram has turned the corner, though. Bottle jaw is just fluid collection around the jaw as a consequence of anaemia and often low serum proteins. Fluid leaks from the blood vessels and collects in...
  3. Sheepshape

    Found site on sister site (BYC)

    Welcome also from one of the 'outliers'.....Wales...which would dearly love to become independent of England. So...what is a Technological Black Hole? Am I likely to find one at the bottom of my garden? (If it refers to having limited/no access to internet etc...then.....Welcome from another...
  4. Sheepshape

    Is it normal for male ram sheep to violently headbutt the walls?

    The guys above are seasonal breeders. In August or September they get stinky, their testicles expand and they get more feisty. They are ready and waiting for the girls to come into season. With all-year-rounders, they are ready to breed any time, and probably would like a steady stream of ewes...
  5. Sheepshape

    Is it normal for male ram sheep to violently headbutt the walls?

    Most rams don't do a lot of head butting with their pals, though they will have the occasional 'bout'. Maybe your ram has an aggressive nature This is more usual with rams who have become accustomed to each other. The fellow on the right is not yet fully grown, but the two on the left are...
  6. Sheepshape

    Is it normal for male ram sheep to violently headbutt the walls?

    Personally I'd just get rid of him if he doesn't 'mellow out'. He'll catch someone off guard and really hurt them. Another ram (intact or otherwise) should make a friend for him.....but introduction needs to be gradual. They need a fence between them for a few days until they get used to the...
  7. Sheepshape

    Sheep Limping

    I've never had any problem in sheep in that area, but I guess injury could cause issues, and orf can affect that area, too. It's difficult to imagine that a problem in this area would cause the animal to limp. Could you take a pic.? Footrot is pretty obvious and smells awful! Over here, hoof...
  8. Sheepshape

    Waiting for first lambs: worse than being pregnant?

    Wait 'til the udder looks like a balloon, the teats pointed, and the ewe waddling like a duck....than you're there . I think I looked a lot more than thoughtful when labour hit......more like horrified. But relax, generally ewes cope remarkably well and are able to do the whole thing without...
  9. Sheepshape

    Quilts from raw sheep's wool

    That's a lovely quilt. The hours of work that must have gone into it are mind-boggling. So sad that these skills may be lost. Do you happen to know what breed of sheep the fleece was sourced from? Make sure that you pass on the technique to any and everybody who is willing to spend the...
  10. Sheepshape

    Is she miscarrying?

    Rams can be ' a bit too enthusiastic' and cause bleeding , especially when the ewe is not in season and has been trying to escape from his advances. Any spontaneous abortion causes blood around the vulva, even if it is pretty early on.
  11. Sheepshape

    Waiting for first lambs: worse than being pregnant?

    Well....let's hope things happen. Can you take pics. of their rear ends, tail raised if it is long enough, to show the vulva and udder? (Yes, I know, but us sheep folk can guess best when we see the 'business end' as to if/when they are going to produce). Watch out for other signs of...
  12. Sheepshape

    Trailer Conversion

    You will find it very much easier to load stock if the vehicle is light inside and not a 'black hole'. Some long vents like Baiymule suggests would be ideal.
  13. Sheepshape

    Lamb showing signs of severe discomfort...

    Sounds as though he has been getting colic. How much milk is he drinking and in what quantity each feed? Assuming he's a good sized lamb, then at 7 weeks his rumen should be functioning pretty well. I would try to get him weaned if he is a good size. make sure he has access to fresh water all...
  14. Sheepshape

    Birthing ewe

    Phew.....panic over. Up to an hour is the stated time in most articles on sheep, but I've had ewes go as long as 4 hours with a perfectly healthy second lamb born at the end. My ewes are scanned, so I have a good idea of how many lambs to expect, though there are a few false positives and...
  15. Sheepshape

    (Stupid) Places to go Broody

    Chickens are very much a part of many farmyards, but don't they leave you wondering how their kind manage to survive at all? Currently (as every late spring) I have a rash of broody hens. They are choosing anywhere to go broody. 1) The hay pile I have already moved on 2 previous broody hens...
  16. Sheepshape

    Surprised by their choice of food

    Sheep eat a very wide range of plants and are not always wise in their choices e.g they will eat rhododendrons/laurels which are poisonous to them. Fortunately, however, most young leaves are very nutritious to them, and they find them irresistible. Keep them away from oaks as there are too many...
  17. Sheepshape

    Bottle fed newborn lamb seizure

    Thankfully most of our replacers mix with cold water. But the 'lamb picture' is scary, very scary!
  18. Sheepshape

    Bottle fed newborn lamb seizure

    I use warm water up until the time that I'm weaning as warm is much more palatable to lambs. I don't ever look to see how much ,ilk a lamb of a certain age is supposed to have as they vary so much in size, weight and appetite. Young lambs just get as much as they will take. Milk leftover from a...
  19. Sheepshape

    Breeding question

    Rams can be fertile from a very young age. Ewes don't tend to come into season before 6 months of age, but occasionally they do. Not worth taking the risk if you know it is there.
  20. Sheepshape

    Ewe butting heads with the ram

    Ha's called Girl Power. Ewes can and do head butt, but usually each other. They tend not to do it so readily as rams. Ewes will butt rams who are annoying them (even if the ram doesn't realise he's being annoying). So, yes, ewes can be aggressive. Their personalities, like ours...