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    Can Does Have Kits Together?

    I colony raise. I have no idea how large your cages are, but in my rabbit pens, my does are absolutely fine with another doe kindling in the same area (I have had up to five kindling at the same time in a pen). Sometimes (often) they even share a nest. In five years, I have yet to have any...
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    Are my buns to closely related to breed?

    Breeding that closely is fine. It takes a significant number of generations of inbreeding rabbits to start to show issues. Breed the best, cull the rest. Same with any breeding.
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    When can a mini rex breed?

    Generally with rabbits, once you can see testicles he's fertile. Flip him over and look. I usually see this starting around weeks 14-16 personally. Edit: At nine years old your doe would be unlikely to conceive; if she did, the litter would probably be 1-2 kits.
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    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    Lol, yes, I have had goat and sheep milk, butter, and cheese. I'm a fan. :)
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    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    We go through half a pound to a pound of butter a week, on average. Less some times in the year, more during holidays. Freezing excess butter would be my plan, absolutely.
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    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    I'm looking for enough butter for two people. I like to use that and lard for cooking. Any milk, cheese, yogurt that I could also get from milking would be a bonus. I'm imagining 3-5 ewes would be enough? (Ignoring the ram issue for the moment). I know they are in milk a much shorter period...
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    Moving Babies to Nesting Box (good/bad?)

    It's usually fine to move the babies to a better, safer nest! Just make sure she sees them in the new nest spot so she knows where they are.
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    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    Depending on what land we end up getting, I am trying to decide whether goats or sheep would better fit my dairy (and other) needs. Can anyone recommend a breed of sheep with high percentage butterfat in their milk? I specifically want to make butter. Bonus points if that breed does well on...
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    Holland lops

    A black and white magpie carrying no other recessives would be AABBcchdcchdDDejejenen A broken black (assuming they carry no ressives) would be aaBBCCDDEEEnEn According to...
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    Holland lops

    I'm not great with with magpie genetics, but I believe it's recessive? So both would need to be / carry to get magpie offspring. I'm assuming you have a black magpie, so that along with the broken black would likely mean you will get blacks and broken blacks, possibly other colors depending on...
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    Back to Buns

    I would keep buck 1.
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    When do you help?

    Am I understanding correctly that the nest box is on the second story of the rabbit area? I would just move the nest box to the lowest level, and tip it on its side if you're going to be gone for a while.
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    When do you help?

    If the kits don't have a way to get out of their cage / run, I would tip the nest box over so that they can get back in if they get out. Eyes will open around day 10, and usually little baby bucks start exploring around day 12. Does tend to be lazier, generally, and I have found will stay in the...
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    Worst aspects of having goats?

    That's crazy! Is that from horns, or is he polled/disbudded?
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    Worst aspects of having goats?

    In preparation for eventually having goats, I want to steel myself. Prepare myself. What have you found to be the worst (or most humorous, or whatever) part of having goats? Is is the escaping? The eating things they shouldn't? Something I have yet to imagine? Tell me!
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    Determining pure Rex or Cross

    I raise Rex. She looks purebred to me, just not show quality.
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    Draft dogs and sheep wagons?

    A sheep wagon is what pastoral sheepherders / shepherds used to live in. It is similar to a gypsy wagon.
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    Draft dogs and sheep wagons?

    This is a bit of strange question, but I was wondering if a team of four-to-six large dogs (say, Spanish Mastiff or something similar) would be able to pull a small sheep wagon? Roughly six feet by eight feet? This is technically for a novel I'm writing and trying to be as accurate as...
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    Keeping Donkeys: The Pros & Cons

    I'm sorry, but advocating donkeys as livestock guardians is cruel to the donkey. They cannot and do not "no problem fending off predators like coyotes and dogs that might pursue them and other animals in the pasture". They are a prey animal giving off prey animal signals. It is unfortunately...
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    What color are these lionhead bunnies?

    It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but: 1) blue (possibly black? hard to tell on my screen) 2) same. 3) charlie broken blue (black?) 4) same 5) lilac