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  1. LoneOakGoats

    Milk/Colostrum Question

    I have a pygmy nannie that had twins last December, her first kids. On July 4, she got in with a pygmy billy & possibly bred again. As of two weeks ago, she was bagging up nicely, is really showing, & had a milky colored discharge. Within the last week, her bag is completely gone. Her belly...
  2. LoneOakGoats

    Evaluating Possible LGD

    For all you seasoned LGD owners......What would you say are the top things to look for when evaluating/testing a possible LGD? I say "possible" for those that may get a dog they know nothing about at all. For example: While leashed, on the initial walk thru, is the lgd showing aggression...
  3. LoneOakGoats

    Callie has passed

    Oh no, I have just read that your Callie has passed. I am so very sorry. You enriched her life and she yours. She most certainly knew what love felt like.
  4. LoneOakGoats

    Guarding Fallow Deer?

    SBC, the enclosure for the deer is 3 acres. The dogs are pit mix. She removed them & so far they are still gone. I'm praying it stays that way. NH homesteader, lol, yes I have deer. They are fallow and are just the sweetest ever! I bottle raised our Callie, she wore diapers in our house...
  5. LoneOakGoats

    Guarding Fallow Deer?

    First off, I would NEVER get a dog to guard deer without doing tons of research. I have owned LGD for several years. No I did not train them, I did my homework then & spent the time to get a good match. They guard my goats. I spoke to the dog owner about electric fencing at least 2 months...
  6. LoneOakGoats

    Guarding Fallow Deer?

    Yes, please do. Thanks
  7. LoneOakGoats

    Guarding Fallow Deer?

    In the last 3 months, our fallow deer have been attacked twice by a neighbors dogs. First attack, police shot the dog, but it killed one deer. Neighbor brings in more strays. Second attack happened Tuesday. Two of her dogs got in our pasture & attacked 3 of our deer, killing one. We have...
  8. LoneOakGoats

    Blood on Does "Lady Parts"

    She's not in heat. She has started bagging up about 2 weeks ago.
  9. LoneOakGoats

    Blood on Does "Lady Parts"

    A little background. At this time, I have 4 does, 3 are pygmy and 1 myatonic. This is the first baby for the fainter. When I checked her today, there was a small amount of blood on her lady parts. She is approx. 4 months along. I have never seen blood on any of my other girls, so not sure...
  10. LoneOakGoats

    The Heart of a Guardian

    Love love love our guardians. Aren't they great! Your Callie is so special and we can just see the love she has for her goat babies. So glad she is doing better! Can't wait to see more pics of all those BOYS!
  11. LoneOakGoats

    Callie Pups!New homes & Teaching Moments

    Oh my goodness, I haven't logged on in a few weeks. We are so thankful Callie is doing better! It is very clear how much you love her and will do anything for her! And those puppies!!!! 10 BOYS!! They are just adorable! Congrats on the new grandpups and you continue to spoil that Diva Callie!
  12. LoneOakGoats

    Callie Pups!New homes & Teaching Moments

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!:love
  13. LoneOakGoats

    We Are So Very Lucky for Our LGD's

    Just wanted to take a minute to say how proud I am to own two amazing LGD's. They are absolutely incredible. They are loving and patient guards of their goats and at the same time, they love us and our grandson with all their heart. I am in awe of how they can be so gentle with their "kids"...
  14. LoneOakGoats

    16 week pup saves the sheep!

    Love this! Please feel free to add "long" post anytime!
  15. LoneOakGoats

    LGD Colors

    He is stunning!
  16. LoneOakGoats

    5K club!

    Congrats!!! :th
  17. LoneOakGoats

    LGD Killed Lamb - What to do now?

    Oh so sorry:hugs for the loss of your lamb. Going to follow this thread.
  18. LoneOakGoats

    Lost and found!

    What a cute little stinker