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  1. Arrakis

    Sour Crop, anti fungal medicine?

    I used generic monistat 3 from walmart. Cut the cones into thirds and give twice a day. I kept mine inside, warm, electrolytes, and her normal feed. The first few days i used a syringe (without the needle) to get warm water in her and massage the crop. It helped to loosen up the impaction. She...
  2. Arrakis

    KNIVES!! What kind/brand is best?

    Just looked up the Sani Safe knives. Looks like they are made in the USA, I like them. Is the fillet knife Dexter Sani Safe also? I may have to give these a try someday. I'm just getting started in home butchery of larger livestock. We've only processed chickens, rabbits and deer. Will be doing...
  3. Arrakis

    KNIVES!! What kind/brand is best?

    The blade will be tarnished and or probably rusty if you find a used one. Think granny's old kitchen knife with the wood handle. Do a search for "Old Hickory" kitchen knives and you can see what a new high carbon steel blade looks like. New will be shinny raw steel if it's still in the factory...
  4. Arrakis

    KNIVES!! What kind/brand is best?

    I'd like to update my original response. We still have the "Knives of Alaska" and use them. My wife and I have been introduced to traditional butchery and curing of meats. I'd love to tell you all about it but there are YouTube channels and websites that do a far better job of explaining what...
  5. Arrakis

    Silver Fox Rabbits 2nd litter on the way, I hope...

    I bred my Silver Fox Rabbits on Jan 12th for the second time. Hopefully the deed is done. The buck fell off twice. I've only had the pair since June of last year and bred her right away. The doe was a first time momma and gave birth to 7 health kits. Can't wait for the next litter!
  6. Arrakis

    Rabbits - Do I use plastic water bottles or crocks in the winter?

    Good morning, This is my first winter with rabbits and I was wondering what everyone uses to water. Now that winter has arrived I'm changing out the plastic water bottles several times a day. In most cases, not much ice in the bottle, but the metal spout freezes up fast. Will using ceramic...
  7. Arrakis

    ENDED - WINNER ANNOUNCED - Official BYH Caption Contest - 12/01/2016 - Pic by Ferguson K

    Hmmmm, I wonder what the height requirement is for that ride?
  8. Arrakis

    Hello from Idaho!!

    Officially Sandpoint, about halfway between Sandpoint and Clark Fork. Slowly clearing the trees..... so no pasture yet.
  9. Arrakis

    Hello from Idaho!!

    Hello, also in Idaho way up in the mountains.
  10. Arrakis

    Bunnies in Idaho

    North Idaho here. Getting silver fox rabbits in a few weeks. Cages have been ready since August last year!
  11. Arrakis

    KNIVES!! What kind/brand is best?

    @Latestarter I used Cabela's points to get mine. They even offered to special order a set I was considering if I wanted. Also check out Buck Knives. I'm fortunate to live within driving distance of their factory. They have 2 huge (I mean HUGE!) sales twice a year. Most items are 50-75% off.
  12. Arrakis

    KNIVES!! What kind/brand is best?

    Knives of Alaska I have the Muskrat/Cub Bear Combo and the Jaeger Boning Knife. Looking to purchase the Filet Knife Combo set here soon.