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  1. Sheepshape

    Ewe won't let newborn lamb nurse

    First timers can be very 'fickle'....they think that it's 'job done' after the lamb is born, particularly if they are not yet fully grown themselves. Most will get the hang of things after restraint for a day or two, and when the new mum can smell her milk coming through the lamb Persistence...
  2. Sheepshape

    Sheep milk smells like sheep

    Coming very late to this 'party' I would say that sheep milk tastes like very mild goats' milk to me. I HATE goats milk or goat cheese, but am OK with sheep milk or cheese. I have wool sheep only. Generally, though, I'm only milking ewes to feed to lambs, so the taste really doesn't matter to...
  3. Sheepshape

    2 month old lamb. not thriving

    Glad to hear that things are improving for the little man.
  4. Sheepshape

    Ewe harshly head butting other ewe’s lamb

    I fully agree with what's been said. Bullies always should be isolated. If she had lambs of her own she may well calm down
  5. Sheepshape

    LGD chews on lambs

    I have a 6 month old Border Collie pup who would like to chase sheep, too, and lambing is going to start soon. I will keep her tethered in the sheep shed as pups act way ahead of thinking and can kill a lamb very easily if they bite the neck.
  6. Sheepshape

    Keep Lambs inside how long?

    Sheep are meant for outdoors...even lambs. you will find that they start to nibble wires, fact anything....very soon. They may need to be 'eased into' a cold environment if they are used to the house, so start them for a few hours at a time.....but they should be able to cope...
  7. Sheepshape


    Over here. wales, it is VERY wet ...most of our local (wool) sheep have a fleece which is pretty much waterproof. Newborn lambs don't tolerate cold rain, especially if there is wind, but adults....they laugh at it.
  8. Sheepshape

    Lamb Can't Get Milk

    I would draw the milk down by hand first and then bring the hungry lamb along to start suckling once the milk is flowing. I'm assuming that you are treating mastitis in which case a penicillin alone may not be effective. Over here we use at penicillin and streptomycin mix , for more effective...
  9. Sheepshape

    Pink Eye

    A couple of discussions have taken place recently about pinkeye in sheep. Pinkeye is a perennial problem here, so I thought i'd show a few pics. of the disease. Early pink eye in a ewe In these two pics discharge can be seen around the eye. The first thing that you may notice is that the...
  10. Sheepshape

    Is this pinkeye?

    Good result. I have pinkeye in my girls at the moment and will take a pic later today to post here so folk can see what it looks like.
  11. Sheepshape

    Blood in ram sheath

    He was to put this delicately...probably a little over-enthusiastic and tore a bit of his frenulum. It'll heal without any problem and the experience will not deter him on the next occasion.
  12. Sheepshape

    New Sheep Mama

    Welcome to the 'club'.....we love our critters...and some of us are addicted to sheep (no known cure, but symptoms eased by acquiring more sheep). Happy to help where and when we can
  13. Sheepshape

    Baymule’s 2021 Lambing

    Good nutrition increases ovulation up to a point, but when they get too fat they become less fertile. Your squashes probably 'pumped out the eggs', Bay ! Most of my ewes were a bit fat this year on going to the tup and the scanning results for 77 ewes is Triplets....3, twins.....40...
  14. Sheepshape

    Is this pinkeye?

    Yep, I'd go with inverted eyelashes, too, maybe a blocked tear duct. Cooled previously boiled water with just a little pinch of salt and soak some make-up remover pads. Irrigate the eye and gently clean the eye by wiping from the nasal side to the outside should help
  15. Sheepshape

    Whoever that sheep belong to, she is amazingly cute. My avatar is definitely mine..... a tiny...

    Whoever that sheep belong to, she is amazingly cute. My avatar is definitely mine..... a tiny lamb in a chihuahua coat.....but that was taken 4 years ago....she's now a huge hulk of a pregnant ewe.
  16. Sheepshape

    Orphan lamb going downhill

    Very unusual to get Coccidia at this age. It usually occurs at 4-8 weeks when the lamb is out at pasture. Black diarrhoea (due to altered blood) and belly pains are usual with Coccidia. Lamb stools are usually yellow and soft. Other infections like E. Coli cause diarrhoea and bally pain in...
  17. Sheepshape

    Promise Acre baking

    I have just been 'flicking' through your baking triumphs, So many of them that I love.....and taken me so long to see this thread. Crikey, I'm feeling hungry.
  18. Sheepshape

    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    We can slaughter our own chickens. Larger animals must be slaughtered at licensed premises. Actually, there's really no delay and, though abattoirs may be 'ruled', inspected and licensed by the Government , they are under independent ownership. If I have 'fat lambs' for sale they can be taken...
  19. Sheepshape

    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I just thought I'd give a UK perspective here. Home butchering is illegal. All animals have to be humanely slaughtered at abattoirs. The vast majority are stunned prior to slaughter (non-stun slaughter has been taking place at a very small number of halal meat producers, but I think, is now...
  20. Sheepshape

    Calculating ram versus ewe numbers?

    Seems to work pretty well here. Super stud rams!