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  1. Jenn27

    Surprise kid!!

    Thank you!!
  2. Jenn27

    How Close is Stubby to Kidding

    I'm sorry for your loss! As for rebreeding, I'd definitely wait several months. My doe was rebred again shortly after kidding with twins in March of 2017. She had a doeling, and she was quite small. While both mother and kid are doing great, I am really careful and watchful now. If a doe is...
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    Surprise kid!!

    Sorry I forgot to update everyone! The surprise kid is over 10 weeks old now, and ready for her forever home. She caught up to a healthy weight in no time! Thanks for everyone's help! Oh and we have decided to keep our buck separate from our does except for a few months in the spring to...
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    Surprise kid!!

    Supplement my doe or the kid? And thank you!
  5. Jenn27

    Surprise kid!!

    Yes, she's a Nigerian. And well, after her twins were 8 weeks, we separated them until we got the buck sold, but we put her back in the main pen with our buck and other doe. We did the same thing after first freshening with no problems. I guess we'll have to be more careful this next time.
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    Surprise kid!!

    Thank you!! I was shocked to say the least. Pouring my morning coffee, and look up to see a little kid following Missy around the pen. :ep:celebrate
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    4 week Pygmy, how to I get it to take a bottle?

    Well, as for the neutering, know that goats can breed as young as 8 weeks. So, you'll have to do it soon. Especially since you don't want siblings to breed. Good luck!
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    Surprise kid!!

    Missy had another kid last night. She gave birth to twins back in March. Didn't realize she had gotten knocked up so quickly after putting her back in the main pen. But, she had an adorable, tiny 2lb 11oz doeling. And she is so cute!! Anyone else had a kid so tiny??
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    Need some help with Nigerian Dwarf bottle babies

    I start putting out grains as soon as I notice them being curious about what mom is eating. I also put the hay on the ground a few times a week for all of my goats and at some point the kids will start to eat it, as well.
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    That's good. I hope she still cooperates with you!
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    New baby help needed

    That's sad. We have one that we have been bottle feeding, too....she looks a LOT like yours, actually. But we have been having the same problem, almost. Ours had twins (doe and buck). The mama goat has been doing a great job feeding the buck, but knocks the doe off every time. So, I started...
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    Oh yeah those bottle babies are a bit more needy. :lol: But, I love it! We have a kid now that is almost a year old that was a bottle baby, and she still craves attention from me and my oldest daughter. Out of the new babies, the doeling is our bottle baby and has just started to run up to us...
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    This baby isn't quite right.....

    Poor thing. :( You did the right thing, though. :hugs
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    And how funny is it that my brown is the doe and my white is the buck?
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    Yayyyy!!!!! :celebrate :weee Congrats!! Beautiful babies!! Oh and I won the buck and one doe!! :lol:
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    Stripes Kidding Thread

    Wait.....WHAT?? Newton kidded?? :eek:
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    Quad update-----miracle.......

    That's great news!! :love
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    Stripes Kidding Thread

    Looking good! Hope her udder continues to grow and she kids soon!!
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    Powdered Milk Replacer Expiration?

    I've given milk replacer before without any issues, and I am also giving her some colostrum from another doe we had before. She's doing really well on the mixture. And I did see Missy feeding the buckling I guess feeding two for her was/is overwhelming. She is caring for her...
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    Mamma just had Quads-----------------

    :celebrate Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!