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  1. Ridgetop

    Contagious Diarrhea in Adult Sheep?

    As long as they have recovered with no ill effects, it could have been something as simple as eating something in the pasture that disagreed with them, or even a sudden out of season heat wave. I would not worry about it unless is reoccurs. Mark the dates on your calendar when it happened and...
  2. Ridgetop

    Milk sheep?

    How much property do you have to graze your sheep? The cost will be figured on number and amount you have to feed to supplement any pasture, as well as winter feeding. Your startup costs for dairy animals will be higher since you will need specific equipment for milking and milk storage...
  3. Ridgetop

    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Absolutely! Even with the cold weather, you would think it should have showed more decomp. It is a mystery! But the new cameras will be helpful.
  4. Ridgetop

    SageHill Ranch Journal

    I had that happen some years ago. We weighed everyone. Several ewes with 5 months old lambs had gained weight. We were pleased thinking that after weaning they had put the weight back on. 2-3 months later they lambed again! This is when we had just a few ewes, were not separating the lambs...
  5. Ridgetop

    Buford T. Justice

    Good training! Very good Anatolian behavior! He showed deep respect for Granny and him laying down about 6' away from her is perfect behavior. He is waiting for her permission to come closer to the lamb. Eventually when she decides he behaves properly, she will allow him to approach, smell...
  6. Ridgetop

    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    No ink?! Can he just email the stuff to you and save you the trip?
  7. Ridgetop

    rachels.haven's Journal

    Thank heaven you and your family are ok! I am more afraid of tornadoes than earthquakes. It was the one thing that worried us when we were thinking about moving to TX.
  8. Ridgetop

    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    I need to check with Kris, but it will be after Christmas. We can have fun! :weee I will bring wine, but we can only have it after shopping. LOL Need to order some cold weather crayons for the Mating Mark tupping harness. Also found I can get a set of paint branding irons, numbers 0-8 (for...
  9. Ridgetop

    Hair Sheep Color Genetics

    :ep :th I recognize a lot of mine depending on what flock they came from. The home bred ones are harder. That means I am getting uniformity in type though, so I am happy. :celebrate The ones I really recognize are the ones with definite personalities. The fewer you have the easier to...
  10. Ridgetop

    Bald spot on thighs

    Looks like she has been rubbing on something, and rubbed the wool off. You can check for keds.
  11. Ridgetop

    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    The new "energy efficient" appliances are all horrible! My old washer would do a wash in 30 minutes. As to soaking, it would soak and could even fill the tub and dye stuff. The new one takes 90 - 120 minutes depending on water temperature. Same with the dishwasher! My old dishwasher would...
  12. Ridgetop

    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    We will still need a small hay barn for the truck, trailers, and tractors to protect them from hail damage. Also, a new well before the feds decide to stop water well drilling. They don't want us to be able to eat meat so probably won't want us to drink water in future. And a propane...
  13. Ridgetop

    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    But the loss of the entire head still puzzles me. Normally the stomach area (soft tissue) is torn open, meat from the rear haunches, and shoulders eaten, followed by other parts of the body depending on what predator(s) are eating it. The head is normally still attached by the spine and skin...
  14. Ridgetop

    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    A Ridgetop Journey - There and Back in Six Days We drove from 7am Saturday until 11:00 pm when DS1 decided he was getting tired, so we stopped for the rest of the night (midnight when we checked in to Best Western). Sunday, we got on the road by 7 am after the free motel breakfast. In...
  15. Ridgetop

    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Odd that the head is missing. Usually, the head and skull are the last to be eaten. Eating in from the anus and stomach area is normal. Unless it was taken by an eagle, accidently dropped, and another animal found the carcass and was taking it somewhere else. The missing head bothers me...
  16. Ridgetop

    rachels.haven's Journal

    WAADL is recommending not to vaccinate goats for CL. The vaccine manufacturers are also no longer recommending it for goats. It is not very effective on goats from what I understand, and they may have found other problems with it when vaccinating goats. In England and Europe, they have a...
  17. Ridgetop

    Abscess/lump on ram

    Greenish thin pus is probably Actinobacillus. It is easily cleared up. He probably got it from sticking his face on a wire or branch while eating.
  18. Ridgetop

    rachels.haven's Journal

    Depends on how important the testing is to you. Once you test, unless an animal throws out an abscess in a lymph node area, and you operate a closed herd, you should be safe. BUT if you import bucks or does, or even semen, it can sneak in. We used to simply remove any got with a lump and take...
  19. Ridgetop

    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Bobcat yes, but why is the carcass just turning up now? Cats do like to hide their meat and let it "age", but they usually carry it off somewhere for that aging process. Interesting. Any footprints around carcass?