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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    OH, NO! 😳 Not the white stuff....πŸ˜– Yeah, looks pretty as it's happening, then we have to go out in it! πŸ™. Too warm for my rain to freeze. I'm so thankful!!! 😁 We've gotten almost 2.5" and still some light rains going on. 42 & dropping to 38, some winds so feel like "cold"!! We had...
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    Dinner rabbits, Journal

    Bet they're wiggly little things!πŸ₯°. Look well fed,πŸ‘
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    Purplequeenvt - New Journal

    Can you fence off that hole? πŸ₯΄
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    Purplequeenvt - New Journal

    Wow!! Did you hose her off? Poor thing, I'm surprised she got out! πŸ₯΄
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    Bald spot on thighs

    Waited for y'all to tell me! 😁. No goat ticks here. 😊
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    Milk sheep?

    WHAT??? 😱🀣🀣. I WANT VIDEO!!! Long as I've been hounding, maybe, finally, why not? 😁😁❣️
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    Can he send the file to you via txt or email, you print at home?
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    Our food supply is deteriorating in quality and now quantity. I am concerned greatly. But since it isn't possible to solve the world's problems, it's a focus on ME solution. I'm still gardening, keeping chickens, keeping goats. No chemicals, natural methods only. Yes, goat poop fertilizes my...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Misty all chores done at crack of dawn, headlamp on! Told them to get a bellyful now cause this storm front is supposed to drop a lotta wetness. I see an inside day. I'll cook, do laundry, nap....😁 Need to freezer pack a pan of pulled pork BBQ I made last night. About 5#. I'll do a...
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    Wow. Sad and bad. Glad your families appear to all be okay!
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    SLEEP WELL πŸ€žπŸ‘πŸ˜Š. Sleep late πŸ‘πŸ˜‚ Warm here all day, still 60 at almost 11pm. Lovely sunshine to start, cloudy later. They're saying T-storms tomorrow, heaviest 4-12pm and approx 1.5-2" total. Winds 10-15....sure don't want what TN got. Sorry for those experiencing those tornadoes. Such fright...
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    Sheep on the Wild Graze

    Temps and rain/drought changes a plant -- taste nutrition, chemicals. The plant cells change. Various grasses do this too, some become toxic. It's an ever changing landscape! In many ways 😳. No rest for the weary.
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    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    Lucky to still have those anniversaries, together. πŸ₯° Hope you had another great one!!
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Worked 4 ten hr days last week, at hay barn at 8:30 for a trailer load. Home, checked water tubs and in having cup #2 😊. Time for lunch. Beautiful day out. Sun, warm upper 60s....front bringing rains for seemingly all day event tomorrow & into Monday.πŸ˜– So making the most of today. Back to...
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I'll baby my stuff as loooong as I can!!! Really, things used to last 20 yrs, now no way. I couldn't believe -- when I look inside a new one a few yrs back, there was no agitator. What? How can an upright get clothes clean without it? A front load at least smacks them around as it turns...
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    Bald spot on thighs

    Agree with rubbing....other thoughts, any mites? Recent lambing, is a ram with them? Could be him. I'd spray it with something -- blu coat, gold Listerine, etc.
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    Hair Sheep Color Genetics

    In horses we call it "minimal pinto".....🀣 Had a stallion who appeared to be a "washed out" a few white patches on a lower rear leg. But so many genetics!! The dark brown points, mane/tail ... Those tiny spots. A rainbow of colors and some wild pinto foals. 🀣 I used to...
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    New to Backyard

    Glad you found thru some posts, you'll see we share it all. Join in the discussions. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Agree....the head off is puzzling, with so much carcass left in tact. Does look as if decapitated and "fresh". The remaining hair is pretty clean, too. It's all, just very strange. 🫀. Weather was kinda warm but...if under trees/brush, cooler. But after 10 days I'd expect more decomp. Maybe...
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    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Cold weather would help preserve carcass during the time.