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    Barn Fire- 40 goats dead

    Wow - That is definitely a good reminder for all of us.
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    Pics - Poppy Kidded - Update

    You are the owner and you were there at the time to witness what was going on, so no one can tell you did the wrong thing or the right thing. There are thousands of goats that are pulled and bottle raised every year. If you were going to pull her pulling the kid now is a lot less tramatic than...
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    Nubian vs American Nubian

    That is not the case, you do not need to sell your animals. It depends on the reason why you have Nubians in the first place. PB Buck bred to PB Doe - Kids are all PB and registerable as such. PB Buck or Doe to American Buck - or Doe - Kids are all American and registerable as such. There...
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    For Sale PB Nubian Triplets -Thurmont MD 21788

    FOR SALE – PB Nubian Triplets Born 4/7/2014 Location – Thurmont, MD 21788 Dam - Maryland CHF Aphrodite - N1524982 Buck - Roll Farms Ally's Chaotic Trip - N1621867 Doe $350 , Spotted Buckling $275 , Solid Colored Buckling $250 , for more details, message me. Dam and Buck are NOT FOR SALE...
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    What size crate do I need?

    If you have time, check craigslist or yard sales. I have numerous crates of different sizes. I like the crate to just big enough for them to stand up. If you go large, they tend to get flopped around more. My opinion.
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    More goat baby pics added

    Patch's boy is coming to Maryland to be our herdsire. Also bringing back both of Sugar's babies (One for us and one for someone else) and one of A Capella's doeing for someone else. Road Trip.
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    Jack- Babysitter

    Love that. A dog doing his job.
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    SheepGirl's 2014 Lambing Thread

    If he needs to go on the bottle, I may be willing to purchase him from you.... Let me know.
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    first milking experience

    Hobbles, buy yourself some nice hobbles. My Nina (this year will be her third freshening) and my first milker 3 years ago was a lovebug and an excellent first dairy goat. She and I learned together. She never had an issue, she has always been a great milker. I have another doe that is very...
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    Lamancha Bottle Baby - creating a MONSTER

    I follow Rolls - Whole Cows milk only if I don't have goats milk available. And they have all done great.
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    registering goats questioin

    Contact the registry. I believe if your buck is 100% and the girls are unregistered, you can register doelings as 50%, but you cannot register the bucklings.
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    For those who like to see spots...our new Boer buck

    Corrections - Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Baby Girl.
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    For those who like to see spots...our new Boer buck

    Many of you remember in Dec 2012, I drove to Roll Farms to bring home "Roll Farms Ally's Chaotic Trip", Our wonderful Nubian herd sire. His first kids were born last weekend. Well March 14, 2014, we are making another road trip. This time to bring home both of Sugar's doelings (one for us and...
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    Jack- Babysitter

    I would read the book.
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    SheepGirl's 2014 Lambing Thread

    Very happy for you. We sure have had our fair share of snow this year and really cold temps.
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    Hay Feeder in the Rain?

    My goats and rain (not happening). When we had sheep, they could care less. Rain meant nothing to them...
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    Decided to sell my sheep and I can't...

    For the same reason you want to sell them (not feed them through winter) is why a lot of people may not be interested. Not sure what to suggest to you. I sold mine when I was ready. I had person offer me peanuts for them and i knew they were goint to take them to auction, so I sold them at...
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    We have cows

    Yeah - Post some pictures.
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    Anyone experience health benefits from drinking raw goat milk?

    Personally, I have stomach issues and I have seen that when I am drinking raw goats milk, I seem to have less issues. No medical study here, just my stomach and my goats milk. Obviously, if a goat sticks her dirty foot in my bucket, that bucket goes to the chickens.