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  1. MaggieSims

    What is in your 'tool-kit', for emergencies or injuries?

    Hello All! It's been a while since i have last posted, a lot of things have changed and happened over winter and it has just been hectic. I feel like I am not adequately stocked and prepared for most injuries and or sudden heath issues, so I thought I would ask what you all have on the ready. I...
  2. MaggieSims

    Loose bunny has first litter, question on health of kits

    ok, hello all on the bunny forums! i have many animals at my little funny farm, and loose bunnies being one of them. I have only had them loose about 4 months now, but I have just now found my first litter. I bought all my starter herd of buns from a good breeder, standard rex's, and a variety...
  3. MaggieSims

    Tender Hooves?

    So if you've seen previous posts of mine, i have recently gotten an new mare, oh about a month or more by now. Her feet were long and tender when i got her, but where she was fed primarily had a concrete pad, so i was thinking her feet should feel better after a trim, and being on real ground...
  4. MaggieSims

    New Mare, one less problem

    Hello ya'll! Well I just bought myself my first 'Big' horse. An 11 yo QH. I have already begun to notice several things that need immediate attention, and things to be worked on. 1) my 2 mini horses hate her, she doesn't seem to care, so right now she is by herself, which she doesn't seem to...
  5. MaggieSims

    Solar Powered Heat Lamp?

    I just don't get solar, but i'd like to. Ive tried and tried to understand, read and research, but it's going right over me. Basically i would like to power a heat lamp in the goat barn with solar, what would i be looking for? I want something simple to set up and use. Any ideers anyone?
  6. MaggieSims

    Worming Mini Horses

    Hellooooo, I have 2 mini horses, and this will be the first time i've wormed them. SO I KNOW NOTHING, teach me. They are 40" and 42" geldings. I don't have a weight on them, what is a good method? Is worming for horses on a schedule? Or can I just have a fecal run by the vet to see? I have had...
  7. MaggieSims

    Maggie's goaties!

    Hello! Still somewhat new to this forum, so I'll introduce my goat herd. From left to right, Bear, mostly black with a white poll spot, a Nubian/boar, so sweet, born in January, wethered. Rika, brown with black tips and frosted ears, doeling, F3 mini Nubian. Chester, black with spots and...
  8. MaggieSims

    Small horse, big attitude.

    Hello! I have recently purchased two mini horses, oh about a month ago. I bought from a lady who had them together from weanlings, both full blood brothers. They were sold together as she wanted them to be together. But the older brother, Jazz, is a little naughty. He chashes the other around...
  9. MaggieSims

    My Ali is now getting help! updated pictures

    Hello all! I got this goat bred in winter, and she kidded in January. Her condition was decent, not awesome, but not rescue either. I kept her well fed, and milked her fit several months. I noticed her getting a bit skinny, so i decided to stop milking. Overall I have noted several issues I...
  10. MaggieSims

    Pet ducks with wild ducks?

    I have two Welsh Harlequin ducks, a male and female pair, and recently acquired 2 'wild' mallards. They first found our pond, and loved it. Hung out every day, this pond is about 500 yards from the house, is by the road, but not a busy road. Anyway, one night they decided to waddle up and check...
  11. MaggieSims

    Meet my mini's!

    Hello everyone!! I am new to this forum and to owning mini horses! I owned a full size years ago (10+ years ago), and just bought two mini horses about a week ago!
  12. MaggieSims

    Hello from Idaho!!

    Hello all! Newbie here, so excited to be here and start learning!! I see a wealth of information, and good thing, because I need it! About me: stay at home mom of 3, wife, keeper of 2 mini horses, 7 goats, 5 rabbits, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, and a couple doggies and a kitty. I live in Idaho way up...