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  1. RustyDHart

    Scottish Blackface

    Hello again.....It's been quite some time since I've been on here....had to get a new computer. I have about 35 SBF ewes bred and ready to lamb the middle of next month and into March. Hope all is well with everyone.....good to be back....Think Spring!
  2. RustyDHart

    Alfalfa pellets??

    I would like to know from those who feed Alfalfa pellets the correct amount to feed sheep (per head)....can I supplement half their hay ration with the pellets and could I even use ONLY the pellets for their daily feeding? Thanks, Rusty
  3. RustyDHart

    MI - Wool (Scottish Blackface) for sale

    I have about 200 lbs. left of raw Scottish Blackface wool for sale..... reduced prices for quanity. Staple length is 6"-12"..... Here is one of my ewes..... Some of the flock......
  4. RustyDHart

    Scottish Blackface Sheep For Sale

    I will have about 20-25 Scottish Blackface ram lambs and a few ewe lambs for sale....should be ready to go by first week of May. *Note: Both sexes are horned..... Photo from two years ago showing 3 week old lambs and ewes. Photo showing yearling ram lambs.... More photos are...
  5. RustyDHart

    Is Wisteria poisoness to sheep?

    I was just wondering if it's poisoness to sheep/poultry...I want to transplant some more and it could expand to the sheep pasture...the area is close. I did think it would look nice growing on the poultry fenced yards. Thanks
  6. RustyDHart

    Scottish Blackface

    Anyone else have any....? I would love to hear from other breeders....Rusty
  7. RustyDHart

    New to group

    I raise Scottish Blackface sheep....Pyncheon Bantams...and tons of Dahlias....Happy Holidays, Rusty:D