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    HappyQuackFarms Journal:

    We are a small 10 acre farm in VERY Southern California by the Mexican Border and the Arizona Border. We are a married couple and our Uncle lives here on the property with us in his own trailer. Other family members have their own trailers out here but rarely if ever visit. We have bloodhounds...
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    Multiple sire litters Can & DO happen, Mamasow gave us proof yesterday

    Ok so my very first pig Mamasow has never been successfully bred until this last time. I tried every single cycle for 7 months to get her pregnant and not one technique worked. Ive learned that with some Kunes, if they don't breed by a certain age they may NEVER be able to be bred like a use it...
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    Kune Kune boobies from the back two days before labor!

    This is Rosie, a 4 year old Kune Kune this is her 4th litter. She bagged out at least 3 weeks ago and farrowed this morning! 3 boys and 3 girls all double wattled!
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    Got our website started for our farm if you want to see some of our pigs in stock. I don't have everyone loaded on there yet Ive only been working on it a few days but let me know what you guys think!
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    Dippity Pig?

    We have two farms, one is a hobby farm and one is a homestead basically. When we buy animals for either farm everyone gets quarantined, and we treat for worms and everything right away on both farms. This particular pig has been at our hobby farm for a few months after she farrowed so she could...
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    What do you do about flies?

    I finally found permethrin spray and it works great. Tried others but they cost $10 per bottle and spraying a whole farm gets expensive! What have you found that works the best for the cheapest?
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    Heres me and hubby, then Cleatus and piglet Eustace laying in front of heater, then Ruby with Einstein, then Einstein by himself followed by Duchess by herself and finally Sadie by herself then a night shot of our farm
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    Never had one here before. We are many many miles from the nearest anything. All desert mostly sand dunes, we hardly even have three bushes on our entire 10 acres yes we are in dry climate. Also it gets avg 130s out here in summertime so we don't have many predators. We've only found one 12 inch...
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    southern cal by az piglets for sale

    We have litters almost every month. We breed Julianas. Pot Bellies. American Guinea Hogs & soon Kune Kunes. Currently we have several pot belly piglets for sale and several juliana piglets for sale. We also just had a litter of pot bellies born recently that at are all males and a couple are...
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    Auctions in so cal or az?

    would love to go to one. We have purchased all of our breeders already but we have litters of piglets almost every month as we now have 14 sows and 6 boars of various breeds. I know my partner would still love to find a mini cow.
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    Anyone else use a walking box to move pigs?

    Saw it on an episode of homestead rescue it was a wooden box with four sides and a top but no bottom and handles at the top sides. They lowered it onto the sow so she couldn't see where she was walking and they walked her right over to her farrowing box. Will that work? Most of my pigs come to...
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    Hi we breed pigs goats, ducks and geese near the border of az and cali

    We have a small farm in very southern california. We currently breed julianas, american guinea hogs and pot bellies and next month we plan to finally breed our three kune females to our kune boar! We have Nigerian dwarf goats& breed them twice a year. We have bloodhounds that we plan to breed...