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  1. dbunni

    Broken Pattern New Zealand Rabbits ... NE Ohio

    We have the following rabbits for sale: Senior Doe. Proven. Pedigreed. $50 Juniors (8 weeks old). 6 does ... 1 buck ... $15 each w/out pedigrees. $25 each with pedigrees. All from strong show stock ...
  2. dbunni

    FS English Angoras ... NE Ohio

    We have the following EAs looking for homes: Sr Tort Doe. Awsome wool. Show potential doe. Sr. REW Doe. Pet only. Rescue looking for a forever home. Sr. Blue Buck. Proven. Shown. Sr. Tort Buck. Proven. Shown. Jr. Blue Tort Buck. Show potential. Nice animal. Jr. Fawn Buck. Show...
  3. dbunni

    Registered Nubian Doe NE Ohio

    We have a lovely young lady that will be looking for a new home after September 15th (our fair). She was born early March 2011. Out of D&AK Farms in Ohio. Nice show doeling. Sweet animal, easy to work with. .. but she does think mommy is an angora! White does continue on opposite side, but...
  4. dbunni

    Angora Bucks - NE Ohio

    I have several young men looking for new homes: English Angora Chestnut junior Opal Junior Chestnut Senior (Proven) Blue Senior (looking for a loving home ... retiring "stud buck"!) Giant Angora Black Otter Senior Buck ... awsome color & wool All buns are out of show stock. English have...
  5. dbunni

    Heritage Turkey Breeding Pairs - NE Ohio - Sold ... sorry ladies!

    We have 2 breeding pairs of Heritage Turkeys .. Slate Blue & Royal . Both hens are laying. Toms have been raised together. Nice set of animals. Also a pair of this years hatchlings. Tom is slate blue, hen is black slate. $30 pair. From NPIP hatchery $50 pair Burbank, Oh (just off 71 &...
  6. dbunni

    NE Ohio: English Angora Doe & Scottish Blackface Ewe

    We have 2 ladies looking for new homes: English Angora Black Doe. Retired show/brood doe. Past breeding age. Strong color/wool. Great temperment. Looking for a loving spinner to sleep on your lap! Pedigreed. $50. Scottish Blackface Ewe. Born 4/2009. Nice conformation & texture. UTD...
  7. dbunni

    Slate Blue Turkey Poulets ... NE Ohio

    We have two 11 week old blue slate turkey poults for sale. This is a heritage breed. They will range in size from 18# for hens to 33# for Toims. These two youngsters are dark blue/black with some blue splashes. When breeding slates they come in a variety of colors. $10.00 each. Both outside, no...
  8. dbunni

    Speckled Sussex breeding set ... Lodi, Oh

    I have 3 hens and a rooster looking for an awsome home. They are in production, 1 year of age, and furtile! $25.00 for the set ... OBO if picked up Saturday. The ladies went to a new home today ... Their new owner is so excited ...
  9. dbunni

    Rabbit Cage Risers in Ohio

    We have 4 risers for rabbit cages. These are made from a nice galvanized heavy wire mesh. Mesh is 1" x 1/2". Risers are 12"x14" with a 2" rise. They fold in half and have a center support. Were used once at OSRBA. Very good condition. $4.00 each Also have a large water bottle. Top opening. $2.00
  10. dbunni

    Anybody Judge showmanship or train showman?

    My daughter is in her last year of 4-h. She is formally taking the "One on One" mentoring project (in the past she has put on clinincs and trained many a young 4-her). As part of her project, and as an asset to her training clinics, she has put together a survey. She will be compiling the...
  11. dbunni

    Mini Rex & English Angora in NE Ohio

    We have the following Mini Rex Juniors for sale. Good Show lines. Pedigreed. Loving animals ... handled daily. 9 weeks old. $25 each. 1 Broken Black Doe 2 Broken Black Otter Does 1 Broken Buck Also ... English Angora Junior Buck. Blue. Pet quality. Looking for a nice "forever Home"...
  12. dbunni

    Maybe Preggy? ... Yep! ... New Pictures post 20 ... Updates Post 28

    Okay ... we have a couple Angora goats. I keep does, but we brought a buck in a year ago. He was a rescue in horrible ... horrible ... shape. Almost died several times. Projection was that he would probably be sterile and because of the damage to his legs he couldn't "get up to it"...
  13. dbunni

    Free Ranging and experimental feeding regimes

    I have a local fellow who is interested in meat rabbits (he will be using NZs) but is interested in the free range and non pellet diets. I remember a discussion on this out here, but cannot seem to find it ... HELP! Wanted to forward him the information... thank you, in advance ...
  14. dbunni

    Great article on bunny meds

    Anybody who is not a member of ARBA may not have access to this article. In the latest issue of Domestic Rabbits, Jay E. Hreiz, VMD (Chairman of ARBA health committee) wrote an awsome article on First Aid in the Domestic Rabbit. I have scanned it (3 pages) and shipped to mom and a few others...
  15. dbunni

    The twins are coming out!

    Just finished grooming and photographing these ladies. While not really twins, these two sisters wanted to show off their finery! At 3 1/2 months, boy are we excited! DustiBunni's Jewel of the Nile "Jewel" ... Blue tort. DustiBunni's Squeeze Me "Charmin" ... opal.
  16. dbunni

    Dog Training Ohio Style!

    Thought you might enjoy these pictures. Daughter is starting work with dog for 4-H ... Snow .. Bernese just think this is another day! Little play before the serious!
  17. dbunni

    Mini Rex ... broken black otter junior does

    I have two little ladies looking for homes. They are both black otter, broken pattern. Out of a broken chocolate charlie doe and a solid black otter buck. Parents both strong animals. $30 each with pedigree.
  18. dbunni

    Colored & REW giant angoras .. pictures added

    These are all wool prospect animals. None show quality... All have had at least one shearing. Chocolate Otter Senior. Retired brood doe from the otter program. Awsome coat. Great production animal. Strong chocolate otter coloration. Good temperment. Preference given to a non breeding...
  19. dbunni

    altering male sheep

    Okay ... last night we had the vet out to do work on a weather goat who has decided to stone. I'm not looking forward to what is gonna happen today. Being a vet tech, my instincts are not saying good things (with what the night offered after the vet left). With that in mind. Do you have...
  20. dbunni

    Just sharing ...

    Yesterday was grooming day ... my current BIS doe has decided to pop her coat ... time to pull and spin. But before letting go, i grabbed the camera and played. The background is a handmade rug (my Grandmother and I did it some 35+ years ago ... all the parts came from Sweden and it was hand...