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    HELP! How to care for doe and brand new kits?

    I bred my Champagne D'argent doe to her buck a month ago, and she had her babies tonight! But two were dead by the time we found out she'd had them. I think she stomped on them in her nest. There are at least three alive right now. Do we need to do anything to make sure no more die? We...
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    My NDG doe got some chicken feed! Hard to wake up!

    I checked on my goat and the wether was baa'ing, but the doe wasn't moving. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats, we've only had them a couple of days. Anyway, normally the doe will baa and come when we are out too. Her head was laying in some chicken feed, I couldn't wake her up at first. I had a...
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    Sneezing, snotty, coughing goats! Help!

    I just got two Nigerian Dwarf goats a few days ago. One is a doe in milk (we are milking) and the other is her 4 month old wether son. I noticed when we got them they were sneezing a bit. Now they sneeze, have mucus in their noses (not a ton, but it's there) and I think I've heard a cough...