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  1. Oakroot

    Updated: Ketonic doe had 2 full term bucklings

    So my Nubian doe is due in 12 days. I have noticed she has become very quiet and dreamy. Normally she is the jump up and yell for you type and gets very excitable about things. Today she did not even leave the barn when every one else went out to graze. After I led her out there she just stood...
  2. Oakroot

    Organic fodder seed by pound/bushel at/near commodity price

    I am so excited find organic barley for 19 a bushel, thought I would share the link to this company
  3. Oakroot

    Lice! Lice for everyone!

    Noticed a lice outbreak in my herd yesterday. Now lice posts are popping up everywhere. :lol: It's like the robins returning or the bulbs showing up. Happy spring everyone! :weee
  4. Oakroot

    Castration really does effect urethra development

    So I see lots of people saying not to castrate bucklings too early because it will cause a small urethra and lead to an increased risk of UC but no one who was actually giving any evidence to back this up at all. I can't stand not knowing the hows and whys so I went hunting for some actual...
  5. Oakroot

    Need baby goat potty habits expert

    So I have not seen my 30 hour old bucking poop or pee. I was getting concerned about him taking longer then 30 hours to have his first moment so I gave him about 20 CCs of warm water enema over the span of about 10 min. Unlike things I had read about it the water did not wash out. It stayed...
  6. Oakroot

    Wish me luck! First time goat mid wife.

    So yesterday I picked up my two new does (and so many chickens!) from Roll Farms. One is the dam of her quads, the second is her sister. Sister we where thinking was probably not bred. Yesterday she went from nothing to big old udder already leaking clear fluid. :ep Roll Farms needed the stall...
  7. Oakroot

    Need help diagonsing a possible deficency with a doe.

    I have noticed ever since the buck come to live with us (2 and a half weeks ago) the area under my does tail has changed from a brown/gray color to pretty vivid mauve. Her whole hind end area is pretty uniformly pink. I noticed today as well that her gums where on the gray side edging even...
  8. Oakroot

    I wish they could just talk to me.

    So both of my goats are being weird tonight. Acting spooky like I would expect if a predator had come around, only the dogs around us are small and we have never seen them any where near the property. Both are acting frantic for grain but just nibbling at hay. Both are very vocal and the buck...
  9. Oakroot

    Ohhhh so close!

    I am looking for a wether to house with my buck during the times he can't be in with the ladies. Someone on craigs list had a 3yr old (check), cashmere (check) wether. With horns... aaaand that's a no. What a shame I would have loved to get a cashmere but neither my buck nor any of my does have...
  10. Oakroot

    Look who came to live with us! Yep. That is Roll Farms amazing herd sire Chaos. Chaos came to stay at our farm over the winter. We had him for just a few days and decided we liked him to much to give him back. :lol: Since he is an older buck...
  11. Oakroot

    How do you store milk untill use?

    We will have three Nubian does in full lactation come spring. I am expecting we will average about 3 gallons a day. Anyone have any suggestions on what to keep that much milk in until we use it? I would like to keep about a half gallon a day for drinking but the rest is going to be used for...
  12. Oakroot

    Live ferments as probiotics for goats?

    I know many of us are fermenters as well as goat keepers. Does any one have any experience using excess fermented vegetables, brine from your cultures etc as a probiotic supplement for goats?
  13. Oakroot

    Wich hay to

    So one of the growers I contacted gave me a choice between third cutting grass hay that is very high quality and very fine stem baled after the drought broke but is pretty expensive. He also has grass hay that was baled during the height of the drought and was mostly dry during the time of...
  14. Oakroot

    Looking for Hay - Central Indiana

    I have been able to find everything else I have needed for the goats so far except hay. Being new to the area I am not sure which feed stores carry hay. I need several bales of grass hay and some straw. Anyone know who carries and sells by the bale in the central Indiana area? I am just not set...
  15. Oakroot

    How do you "get your goat"?

    We don't have a trailer yet but we do have a pickup truck with a fully inclosed camper shell. I think we are going to go pick up our first goat next weekend so our plan is to bed down the back of the truck with some straw. She should be safe and warm in there. We might look woefully like green...
  16. Oakroot

    Lactation length question.

    So I was wondering about lactation length, obviously genetics and how often a doe is milked plays a big part but will a doe tend to have a shorter lactation as a FF then as a senior doe? One of those random popped into my head things and figured this would be the place to find out.
  17. Oakroot

    Just a lament about converting barns

    So we have had our land for a little over 2 months now. We have a great barn that used to be a horse barn. Sadly all the stalls have been stripped out and the whole floor filled with 8 inches of gravel. We have *fingers crossed* baby goats coming in a few months so I am digging out all the...
  18. Oakroot

    Medicated goat feed.

    What exactly does medicated goat feed medicate for? Coccidiosis?
  19. Oakroot

    Mineral Blocks

    I know that goats need loose minerals but is there any point to having a block as well? Would they enjoy it from time to time or are goats ones to never even bother with a block?
  20. Oakroot

    Your essential goat library

    What are the goat books that you think everyone should have on their book shelves? I need to invest in some goat books. Which are the must haves.