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  1. Ewetopia_Acres

    Ewetopia Acres Lambing( with pictures)

    Its a little late but in March we had our first sets of lambs born on the farm. A week before Mabel had her lambs, she had a uterine prolapse, but the vet came out and stitched her up. On March 2nd at 6:00am, she had twin ewe lambs, Adelaide and Primrose, without any problems. And what was...
  2. Ewetopia_Acres

    Pregnant Ewe Losing Wool

    I have 2 pregnant dorset ewes that are about a month away from lambing. While in the field today I noticed that on one of the ewes belly, there was a bald patch. They have both been rubbing a lot and have some strings of wool on fences occasionally. I saw on the internet that this could be a...