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  1. HomesteaderWife

    In Your Opinion

    So, I am not a goat expert, and I have only had a few over the years. But someone please tell me in your opinion, am I wrong in thinking this goat is in rough shape (to say it lightly) and probably not 2 years old? I can't believe these people asking $150 or trade...thumbnail (click to enlarge)....
  2. HomesteaderWife

    Happy Easter, BYH!

    Happy Easter, BYH friends! Hoping that today, you may be able to spend time with those you love in some way. Go show your herd animals a little extra care and affection too! If you're a believer, take some time to meditate on the true significance of today and take to heart what it really means...
  3. HomesteaderWife

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks everyone here at BackYard Herds for all you do to help others learn more about the care of their herd critters, the information you share, and all in all just thanks for being you. Happy Holidays everyone, and have a great New Year!
  4. HomesteaderWife

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, BYH! Wishing everyone safe holiday travel and quality time with everyone you love including family, friends, and critter companions. May we be thankful for all the good things in life, and pray for those less fortunate and for our men and women overseas. Have a happy...
  5. HomesteaderWife

    Wooden Ornaments

    I wanted to go ahead and open a new version of my thread from last year again to see if there would be interest in our handmade, wood-burned ornaments featuring your breed of cattle, sheep, goat, chicken, duck, or any animal in a simple design. They make great Christmas gifts, and unique pieces...
  6. HomesteaderWife

    Homestead/Herder Vocabulary

    I’m working on a little something similar to a homesteader’s dictionary of sorts that simplifies common terms and breaks them down into examples maybe. That being said, I’d love some input of words you may commonly say about the homestead/farm/herd/flock but that other folks outside the realm...
  7. HomesteaderWife

    Tanning Game & Domestic Hides

    I talked a little bit in this thread called "Processing hides" about how we tan hides, and wanted to open an actual discussion, so people with questions could stop by and get answers from others who may tan themselves. I'll post some of my text from the other thread here, and also answer some of...
  8. HomesteaderWife

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a safe, warm, and joyous day with their loved ones. Hug your little ones, kiss your significant other, treat those wonderful little farm animals, and enjoy life. Merry Christmas!
  9. HomesteaderWife

    Wood-Burned Ornaments - ANY - $3

    Hello Backyard Herds! I have a similar post over on BYC for the chicken lovers, as I originally started off making ornaments with chicken designs, however I am here to see if there is interest in our handmade, wood-burned ornaments. While we started off with chickens and ducks as mentioned, I'd...
  10. HomesteaderWife

    Lethargic Doe

    I have a female goat who is around 4 months pregnant that on a normal day is loud, extremely active, and eating healthy. She has started to become very lethargic- laying around with her head tucked most of the day. She is rarely vocal, and her appetite has declined ALOT. Poop still looks good...
  11. HomesteaderWife

    Thoughts on Breed?

    So, we have had "Linda" now for over a year and I realized I have never posted here to ask for input on what breed she may be. She's about medium-sized height. Horns have stayed this short and not grown out much. About a year and a half old. The people that bred her said they come from distant...
  12. HomesteaderWife

    Wanted: Rabbit Hides

    I have updated this as of November 28th, 2017. I am looking to barter for rabbit hides, as I know there are a few folks on here that raise and process rabbits. I have a project in mind that I could use several for, with no particular colors or size in mind. I would like to barter with seed...
  13. HomesteaderWife

    The New Girl

    I FINALLY get to come and be a part of the goat threads after bringing home a little female goat this past SATURDAY! :D I am super excited to chat with everyone else here who owns goats, and just wanted to hear some tips and tricks for raising this little sweetie. She is about 3 months old. The...
  14. HomesteaderWife

    Prayer Requests & Praises

    UPDATED December 4th, 2017 I would also like this to be a positive place, not just to come and seek prayer help but to share praises if you like. Has something good happened in your life that you are blessed by? Share God's loving work in your life! Original Post Opening: Since religious...
  15. HomesteaderWife

    A Quick Question

    We just brought our new female rabbit home and she is adjusting much better than expected. She is very gentle, eating, and curious about her next door neighbor (hopefully her future boyfriend). There are many of you who are very knowledgeable about bunnies here, so I wanted to ask and see about...
  16. HomesteaderWife

    Ideas for Wild Onions?

    We have a TON of little wild onions growing around here, and I know many of you love canning and storing food. Any good recipes for wild onions, or a way to store them? Also, is it possible to dehydrate them for seasoning? Thank you all!
  17. HomesteaderWife

    SELLING- Handmade Crafts AL

    I'm not sure how to go about wording this, but I have some items already made for sale, and can make items too. We sell many homemade crafts that are made from natural or recycled materials, including signs/walking sticks/bird houses/e.t.c. - these crafts help us support our homestead. I am not...
  18. HomesteaderWife

    Fruit Identification?

    Hey there BYH- I need a bit of help identifying what fruit this is. My husband's grandfather planted this tree along with a pear tree many years ago, and assumes it is some form of pear. I looked up different varieties, and it has texture like an Asian Pear, but is very small. There are so many...
  19. HomesteaderWife

    Do You Own Horses/Donkeys/Mules?

    I have noticed that this area of the forums does not receive much activity, so I wanted to open up a conversation and ask if any of you owned horses, mules, or donkeys. Please let us know what breeds you own, maybe how old they are and even include a photo? Do you ride them, work with them, or...
  20. HomesteaderWife

    Just Need To Rant...

    This is going to be very difficult to try and explain or discuss, but I feel I need to put this out there and try and get some opinions. Please hear me out. I worked at two different animal shelters over a period of years, and I have seen some of the worst and best in human character....and...