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  1. hilarie

    Whether Stabbed Nanny

    And BTW, I love LaManchas too. Big goofballs.
  2. hilarie

    Whether Stabbed Nanny

    Agree with what's been answered so far. In addition, I have some experience with removing horns on an adult goat. It *is* possible, even in summer - I've done it - when warped scurs were growing into the goat's head on an ongoing basis. I loved the goats and I wanted those scurs gone. (The...
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    Time to make Cheese

    What do you want to make that's new?:)
  4. hilarie

    Time to make Cheese

    Thought I'd throw my nickel's worth in, since it's about *cheese* - my favorite subject :) I agree, chevre is da bomb, and it's easy to make, and you can flavor it with ANYthing - herbs, garlic&pepper, chipotle honey, etc. I have full size dairy goats and I'm milking 3 right now, so I'm...
  5. hilarie

    Abscess or Hemorrhoid? Not sure what's going on.

    I'll be the first to admit I've no cred in sheep hemorrhoids, because a) I have goats, but b) I'm a nurse practitioner for 20 years, so c) I've seen about 150,000 variations on hemorrhoids, and since they occur around the anus, I'm reasonably sure this ain't one. If the ewe is pretty goosy...
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    On-hand must haves

    What a pair o' cuties! :)
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    Ever considered throwing in the towel, and done it?

    :hugs There are no words that make this all right. We've all heard them: You fall down six times, you get up seven. This is part of life. Hang in there, it'll get better. Bullsh*t. I say, sometimes there's no such thing as gravity; the world just SUCKS. Sometimes you couldn't catch a break...
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    You are every bit as clever as you think you are ;)
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    Uh oh...

    I'm with Southern. A buddy. (nodding vigorously) :hugs
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    Greetings from southern Connecticut. What else do you do besides chickens and wannabees?

    Greetings from southern Connecticut. What else do you do besides chickens and wannabees?
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    catching a swarm

    Call me when this happens. I want to watch. :pop
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    I have goats.

    Thanks for this very educational post. You're right, they LOVE it - mine get into the trash can that contains the layer feed EVERY opportunity, and so far there have been no tragedies - but maybe only because I'm vigilant about keeping them out.
  13. hilarie

    Where do you milk your goats?

    Ditto what everyone says about keeping the milk cold. I milk in a small (now enclosed) carport adjoining the barn. I leave it open too, except when I take the goats up into the woods to browse (someone always gets a wild hair and STAMPEDES back to the milkroom, where the grain is stored...
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    I have goats.

    I'm curious Babsbag - what's in chicken feed that's bad for goats?
  15. hilarie

    Glenmar Farm Kidding for 2014

    Sad to say, Melba had a false pregnancy :th Looked like the real thing until the bitter end - except that she never bagged up, which made me very uneasy. When she was 11 days late, I induced her, and she delivered several gallons of.....fluid :( . We'll try again next year, and in the...
  16. hilarie

    hello from Mississippi

    I'm not an expert on Nigerian dwarfs (I have Oberhasli, LaMancha, andd Saanens) but I have friends who are. As I understand it, the females cycle multiple times a year, unlike mine who cycle only fall into winter. If your buck(s) are in with the does, you WILL have babies and maybe more often...
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    I have activated charcoal that I got at tractor supply. It comes in a syringe ready to administer - basically, just straddle the goat facing forward, hold his chin up, slip the syringe tip into the side of his mouth, and depress the plunger. The only time I've seen it done (thankfully I've...
  18. hilarie

    *graphic picture warning*

    Depends on a lot of things: the age and condition of the patient, whether they have other comorbid diseases (like diabetes), whether the circulation is good to that area. That's a big area, though. I'd think it might be weeks longer.
  19. hilarie

    hello from Mississippi

    Welcome aboard! I have a crew of mixed breed dairy goats, full size (saanen, oberhasli, LaMancha) that I breed yearly and milk twice a day. Whoever referred to the Level 10 ninja was right - sometimes bucks around a doe in heat can be like getting a drink of water from a firehose. They've got...