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  1. TGreenhut

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    This is our first set of kids born this year and Juno was caught yawning :).
  2. TGreenhut

    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    Thanks all, I just love them! I decided on the names Twila (black and white doe), Beau (buck), and Juno (brown doe) .
  3. TGreenhut

    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    We have babies!!!!!!! Beautiful healthy triplets! Two GIRLS and one boy, and a healthy mama! I'm so happy! The spotted one on the left is the boy. The one in the middle has brown legs and brown spots on her belly, and the girl on the right has a bunch of dark grey moonspots (hard to tell in this...
  4. TGreenhut

    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    It's gotta be today :fl. No ligaments, full & tight udder, dropped belly, and standing and staring with that "look" in her eyes. I'm waiting for the goo and for the contractions to start. Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and healthy GIRLS! :)
  5. TGreenhut

    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    Still nothing but I think (and hope!) that kids are coming soon. Her ligaments are soft and her udder has started to fill (just isn't tight yet).
  6. TGreenhut

    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    Thank you all!:D =D I'm guessing that the 24th is more likely her due date because she doesn't seem like she's going to pop quite yet, but I could be wrong. But even if it's the later date, only ten more days to go! So excited! I'll keep you guys posted.
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    TGreenhut's Kidding Thread!

    Its about that time again! First to go, we are watching Sasha. She is due either on the 14th of February or the 24th. That's because she came into heat, was bred, then came into heat once again ten days later and was bred again. I'm not sure which heat was a false heat so we are watching for...
  8. TGreenhut

    Goat Pictures and a hello!

    Thanks all! :D =D
  9. TGreenhut

    Goat Pictures and a hello!

    Hi there! It's been forever since I've been on this site. The last time I was on was before this remodel of the website, so wow, it's changed a lot! I plan on coming on more often and I'd thought I'd share some recent pictures of my herd!
  10. TGreenhut

    Milking question on udder

    First of all, have you ruled out mastitis- does she have any symptoms of mastitis? She may just be producing more milk in the one side. Make sure when you are milking you are stripping out both sides completely and not leaving a little milk in one side and not the other. That could cause a drop...
  11. TGreenhut

    3 Day old weak Boer kid

    If you've lost multiple kids, I would search for an underlying issue. I'm not sure if just a lack of protein in the hay would kill 3 kids... The fact that this particular kid is weak could be due to a lot of things but selenium is what comes to mind first with weak kids. Do you give selenium/...
  12. TGreenhut

    Quest paste wormer and sheep

    I have not, but I am interested in hearing what others say.
  13. TGreenhut

    Will he be able to?

    *sorry blank post I did this on accident*
  14. TGreenhut

    Will he be able to?

    Yeah, it might be your girls' problem not your buckling's. Maybe the girls are not going into heat this time of year, yet. My Nubians don't generally go into heat until the fall (late September-ish and later) and the boys show no interest in them until they are in heat.
  15. TGreenhut

    Drying off and an uneven udder??

    We have a goat who always dries up unevenly and it just evens out when she bags up for freshening the following year. We have found no issue with it. I think it should be fine as long as you don't see any signs of mastitis. Make sure her udder isn't hot, hard, or swollen. You can always treat...
  16. TGreenhut

    Anybody use this for worms?

    Do I follow the 1 ml per 11 lbs dosage on the package?
  17. TGreenhut

    My new goat!

    Thank you :weee