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  1. DonnaBelle

    NEW method to disbud a baby goat

    I have my latest copy of Caprine News. In it is a new method of disbudding baby goats. A serum of extract of cloves is injected into the buds at about 5 days of age. There was a trial done, with one side injected, the other not. Very successful trial done. Very interesting. Wouldn't it be...
  2. DonnaBelle

    What should I feed my Nubians?

    I use Manna Pro, my goats like it and they look great. I feed a good quality hay, fresh water daily, Manna Pro loose minerals free choice. Bicarbonate of soda free choice, and 2 measuring cups of 16% protein goat feed once a day. We have a large ranch with lots of browse for them to eat. I...
  3. DonnaBelle

    One Fine Acre - 2023 4H Steer Project Update

    Great decision!! You will never regret owning acreage. We paid $435.00 per acre for an Oklahoma acreage in 2003 now it's worth about $1,200 per acres. It's just old cotton ground, but it grows hay and goats real good. I have chickens, goats, horses and bird dogs. And a big red gate with a no...
  4. DonnaBelle

    Attempt at banding

    We learned to band at the OSU Goat boot camp in Ada, Oklahoma. You stand behind the goat, grab by rear legs and stand him up with his package in front of the person doing the banding. This is a 2 person job, by the way. Pull down the package with both balls in your hand so you get the feel of...
  5. DonnaBelle

    Influx of illegal aliens

    Well, if people are afraid, then they need to do whatever it takes to succeed. If that means moving to another location then do it. If it means getting a different kind of job, do it. I am sooo tired of people whining. I have an 8th grade education. My husband has a high school diploma...
  6. DonnaBelle

    Influx of illegal aliens

    It was interesting reading all the replies to the original thread. This country was founded by immigrants, not too long ago. My people were Scots and English, arrived here in 1627. Migrated to Southern Illinois finally in the 1870s. They left those places for the same reason the Mexicans are...
  7. DonnaBelle

    Horseprerace comes delivers Toltrazuril in 2 days.

    I ordered Toltrazuril on Thursday, received it on Saturday. It's the one time treatment for Coccidia for goats. I love the stuff. It tastes good. DonnaBelle
  8. DonnaBelle

    Heavy Hairloss in ND Doe

    If it isn't mites or lice, it could be a fungus. Get some athletes foot medicine and try that.
  9. DonnaBelle

    Caring for new Babies in Cold!

    ksalvagno told me about warming barrels a couple of years ago. I have two now, DH can make one in about 15 minutes. He buys a 55 gal plastic barrel at the feed store for $15.00. he uses an exterior base and bulb holder, cuts female end off heavy duty extension cord to wire it up. He cuts a...
  10. DonnaBelle

    Can you raise turkeys (3 or 4) with a chicken flock.

    Is it possible to have your turkeys inoculated for Blackhead?? Thanks,Donna
  11. DonnaBelle

    Can you raise turkeys (3 or 4) with a chicken flock.

    Thanks guys for all your replies, Southern, what did you mean by "heritage" breeds. What is a "heritage" breed? IS that the name of the breed or does it encompass several breeds?? Thanks for all your help.
  12. DonnaBelle

    Can you raise turkeys (3 or 4) with a chicken flock.

    I've got about 35 chickens, I'd like to add 3 or 4 turkeys to my flock. I can keep the turkeys in a small coop inside the chicken house till they get as large as the chickens, and the chickens can see them all the time while they grow. Then will they live together without fighting? DonnaBelle
  13. DonnaBelle

    How to dose Cydectin?

    Don't get the different types of Cydectin confused. Injectable is not the same as sheep drench. Will someone please post oral dosages for the two types?
  14. DonnaBelle

    Picked up our goat from the butcher today...

    I don't understand why you didn't wether them when they were about 2=3 months old. That's what we did before we butchered 3 of them last year. We just ate the last of the chops, yum yum. The meat was delicious, I did several recipes with it. I made chili with the ground meat. I marinated...
  15. DonnaBelle

    I'm back and I think I have some pregnant does

    Well, get your birthing kit ready I reckon. LOL. At least you are home and can make preperations. DonnaBelle
  16. DonnaBelle


    It sounds like a case of neglect. No worming, no hoof triming, etc. If it were me, I'd take him to a vet THAT KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT GOATS and have him looked at. Write down the backstory for the vet's information and see if you can get a diagnosis. Take a sample of 6 nannieberries from him...
  17. DonnaBelle

    Is it Just me ?????

    It seems to me that a lot of the people who posted a lot last year have moved to another forum that is just for goats. Also, some people don't care to read ramblings about what happened on someone elses ranch/farm. I'm in it for the goat information but that's just me. DonnaBelle
  18. DonnaBelle

    what do does want when they are having their babies

    We usually put a doe in a stall by herself with fresh water and feed if she is going into labor. I then check on her periodically to make sure everything is going smoothly. So far I have been very lucky and only had to give a tug on a couple of big boys that were a little stuck but in correct...
  19. DonnaBelle

    free choice baking soda?

    I too keep baking soda out free choice. My goats have about 50 acres of free choice brouse on our ranch and all sorts of stuff growing there. Occasionally one will eat something and must have a tummy ache because they come into the barn and head for the baking soda, kinda like a human would...