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    Denton County TX-2 Katahdin/Dorper Wethers for sale

    Well....i got them from a friend, who sold them as pets/lawnmowers. She wouldn't be real happy if she found out we ate them! Besides, i think they're a little old.
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    Denton County TX-2 Katahdin/Dorper Wethers for sale

    They still need it annually because they get too hot in Texas weather. They're much happier! One has quite a bit of wool/hair, the other not as much
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    Denton County TX-2 Katahdin/Dorper Wethers for sale

    Hi, I have two 16 mo wethers for sale, $200 each OBO. I had hoped they would eat grass but they are competing with the goats for pasture! They come when called, love the occasional animal cracker, and while not overly friendly, were not a problem when I had them shorn last month. Current on...
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    What's the rule?

    They are katahdin dorper crosses. Pretty sweet overall, shy except for feeding time and i don't think Sundance was trying to hurt me, he just wanted another animal cracker. He didn't leave a bruise even. But-, I'm 63 and have no desire for any more broken bones than I've already had, so i...
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    What's the rule?

    What's the general rule of thumb when a sheep does something potentially dangerous? This week one of my 7 month old wethers wanted more treats and thought that rearing up and bracing his front feet on my hip was the way. I treated him like i used to do my horses if they nipped- try to kill him...
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    Goat shelter

    We use We used metal panels, 3 sided, and i get out there and caulk any holes. I live near Denton and my goats survived the frigid February we had- minus 6 at our house. Ours is too tall for them to jump on, since they would then escape. We have several giant wooden spools and an old holey...
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    Goats and chickens

    Mine don't mind. I have 3 female goats and 2 fixed male sheep and 9 chickens. I keep the coop door closed when the sheep are eating (in the round pen where the coop is.) The sheep then go out to the main pasture with the goats, and sometimes a few hens go out there as well. All one big family!
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    Surprised by their choice of food

    I just got sheep and they like trees and weeds too, but also Bermuda grass, which is why i got them. Our goats don't eat as much in general. I'm really pleased with how good mine are settling in, bribing them often with animal crackers is working!
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    How much equine senior to feed older goats

    My goats don't like grass hay, love Johnson grass of all things. Might be too much for your older goats though. Good luck!
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    Let's Look at our Different Feeding Practices *SHEEP*

    Yes, medicated against coccidiosis- the feed store lady said since the chickens are in there i should feed it all the time. The medicated is about 50 cents more. Thx for other info!
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    New sheep - feed transition

    Thanks. I never leave a halter on an animal, not safe- i just want to be able to somewhat control them if i have to take them out of the pasture. I'll see if these work, need to go buy feed today anyway!
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    Let's Look at our Different Feeding Practices *SHEEP*

    Does anyone feed the medicated sheep/goat feed? We have both sheep and goats and they are pastured together, fed separately. (new sheep, trying to handle them). Also, i know you can't do goat minerals for sheep, but could you do sheep minerals for both species? And hay- we will be having part...
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    Best treats for sheep?

    I would never feed fig newtons to my sheep and I'm having a hard time not eating up all their animal crackers... since both are favorites of mine!! They sure make my skittish wethers more approachable!
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    New sheep - feed transition

    This is a great thread, i am new to sheep too. I am probably feeding a bit more than they need, but my 2 wethers are very skittish. Had one a week before the other, was able to settle him down pretty quick. He's still not overly friendly but i brush him when he's eating and run my hands down...
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    First time goat owner

    Thanks. I looked up symptoms of deficiencies in copper and selenium and since my girls are extremely healthy (and 4-5 years old) i think I'm good. (That and my vet has never mentioned it, nor friends with more experience than me). It's always good to learn something new
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    First time goat owner

    How can you tell if one is mineral deficient?
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    First time goat owner

    They don't really like grass. Ours like trees and brush, Johnson grass. We give a small amount of sheep & goat feed in summer to keep them friendly (ours are pretty wild!). They hate being rained on! You'll need a salt block and plenty of water, and they love climbing. We have giant spools...
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    Brush for sheep

    What's the best brush for a katahdin /dorper sheep, has some light wool but he sheds so I'm trying to help. I've been using a horse body brush on him
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    Trying to make a change… but is it safe?

    That's true, you have to put fly predators in something with holes so they can fly out. The chickens will eat the eggs. We had really bad flies this year, my chickens don't try to eat them. They're death to grasshoppers tho!