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    Help with Haying equipment

    Hi I'm looking into a Disc Mower /conditioner JD 1350 good condition what is it worth? Thank you :frow
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    good organic breeds?

    Hi I just started milking a rescued Dexter ..the milk is fabulous! white white naturally homogenized I didn't believe it until I seen it for myself I get about1/4 to 1/2 inch of cream on top every day it sits and also how much protein I feed her helps also.. she is 8 mos into lactation and I...
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    Easy way to test for A2 milk?

    I have Irish Dexters I would love to have them tested. I have been reading about A1 A2 milk and a 1 person had their Deter herd test with a mix results
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    milking query

    I have Dexters not milking yet but my friend keeps the calf at their head or at least where the cow can see it you might want a anti kick gizzmo. another person I know ties their head about 1 foot off the floor so the head is down easy to loose balance and she says they stand better Good luck...
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    Help with cow milking room

    What should be in it for supplies? and what work for walls? how about the floor wood concrete? ect.. I building a new barn for my Dexters total of 3 cows 24 X40 barn i will only be milking 2 atmost
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    what agr can you castrat a bull

    Should I have the vet do it?? I have never done it
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    what agr can you castrat a bull

    I have a 15 week old dexter bull I like to have him be a steer I was going to use him as my breeding bull but I"m thinking AI now and use him as my Oxen any input and at what age can I do this
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    This is Einstein with Montana
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    Not sure the first I heard of it also I changed the breed of cow I'm getting,It's Dexters now my son wants cream for butter and Ice cream highland is for meat
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    Yhep de-horned him. I have 2 heifers one is pregnant with 1st calf due April 2010 the other is 16 weeks heifer 1 bull that is 14weeks old and I can get another cow that is milking now and is also due in June 2010 she has a clf now also...
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    Well I didn't get Highlands I got Dexters instead I still might get highland later on I love their look
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    Dexter cows anyone have any ? Here a picture of my bull calf 10 weeks
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    Give me a reccommendation? Sorry, long.

    I'm getting a Dexter :frow cow, milk, cream and beef, small to med in size this is my 4 month old Selke they also have high cream content in their milk . maybe one Dexter you might be able to have on a acre but I'm not a expert. good luck :bun
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    Dexter cows anyone have any ?

    Well I bought 2 Dexters :ya :celebrate one is miking now and the other is 4 month old so I need to wait until October to get them because they don't take them from their mom's until they are 6 months old both are from milking Dexters . I did a complete 360 degree turn I was thinking i wanted...
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    Help milk cooler

    Hello, Where would I get a 100gal milk cooler?
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    Dexter cows anyone have any ?

    :frow I was looking into Highland cow for beef for my family, than my 12 year old wanted milk to make butter ect.. so know we are looking into Dexters dual purpose cow any input on this new to cows the fencing is up 2 1ac lots for now I have 2 more lots 3ac and a 2 ac I'm looking into 2 Dexter...
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    He's 12 maybe artificial is the way to go I would be the one handleing them the most
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    I was going to get another young bull to breed my cow young only because I want my son to handle him while he is young I was thinking a galloway or highland bull and maybe a angus cow that is bred if she has a bull I will steer him if it a heifer I'll breed her thank you for your reply
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    Anyone know about "highland " beef cows

    Hi sorry for the late post I been very busy getting ready for my cows finding fencing making pens for meat birds. Ok my plan was get a cow with calf (female) and hopfully she is breed depending on which will domanate the meat) process the cow after she has the calf and it is off of her, than get...