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  1. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Head stuck in fence!!

    Thank you. I'm mostly angry with the woman I bought him from. But, I blame myself, too. I tried, but feel like I failed him, horribly.
  2. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Head stuck in fence!!

    Sadly, we had to put him down. 😢
  3. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Head stuck in fence!!

    It's what I'm hoping for. But, she isn't going to do it - she going to coach me through it. I might as well learn, so if/ when it happens again, I'll be able to start the training, right away, rather than having to wait until she can get away from her chores & life. That is one very busy lady...
  4. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Head stuck in fence!!

    We would have sent her to freezer camp. I have a buck now, who's previous owner said he had to go. I thought it was because she needed fresh blood in her breeding program, but the reality is, she just couldn't handle him. He's incredibly skittish. Not mean, but I can't get close to him, so in...
  5. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    Yup - agreed,100%. Definitely not enough to keep a couple in butter, with just one. But, 3 or 4? Possibly. Especially when they're in peak production & being milked by someone who doesn't have crippled up hands.
  6. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Breeds with highest percent butterfat?

    I have Nigora goats, a mix between Nigerian Dwarf (avg 9% butterfat)& Angora. Exactly what I wanted for both dairy& fiber. We don't have a cream separator, but I can vouch for the high fat content. The yogurt, kefir, cheese, & ice cream are incredibly rich and sweet, and left in the fridge...
  7. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    We just butchered

    If you can make it with chicken, you can make it with rabbit. Coque au vin, with rabbit is Lupin au vin, but the only ingredient that is different it the meat. You can stuff them with onion, and almost any root veggie, and roast them, or you could smoke, grill, fry, bake, poach, or even do them...
  8. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Worst aspects of having goats?

    Many of my local goatie friends have a saying, "goats are born looking for the most creative way to die. " My and my husband's hearts have been broken many times, in the 3 1/2yrs we've been raising them. We had a wicked run-in with coccidia, a year and a half ago, losing 3 Nubians and a Boer in...
  9. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Urban breeds

    I raise Nigoras. They're a cross between ND & Angora, and the only ones bred for both excellent milk and beautiful fiber. We're working toward full breed status, but that's still a few generations away. They're very sweet, easy to handle, and socialized ones will follow you around like puppies...
  10. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Please help identifying new rabbit breed!?!?

    Adorablus Maximus. No doubt in my mind. Totes adorbz little breed, sure to steal your hearts, chomp your power chords, dig holes in your floors and walls, dive into your still open mouth to steal banana bits, drive you nuts, then look at you with expressions so sweet, your heart and brain will...
  11. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    "Lammie" sheep? goat? Geep? 🧐

    Not sure where you've looked, for the dna/ parentage tests, but:
  12. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Disappeared newborn Nigerian Dwarf?

    Oh, no. I'm so sorry...
  13. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Doe in labor

    I'm so very sorry for your losses...
  14. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Battle of the bucks

    Thank you! I hope so, too!
  15. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Battle of the bucks

    Thanks, Mike! I'll hold my opinion of it, until I see how well it holds up. I've separated the boys - makes other things hard, but give my boys a chance to heal. I just hope they'll both decide they hurt bad enough that they won't do this - at least to this level, again.
  16. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Battle of the bucks

    This is what I ended up doing. First, 1 of 5 daily tetanus shots, then this - it was no picnic, either. But, what it did do, was to take the weight/pull off the base, and stabilize it. So, at least now, his movement isn't causing excruciating pain, and it won't be so likely to just snap off, and...
  17. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Battle of the bucks

    Agreed. The problem we're having its that we're down to only 2 or 3 vets, in the county, that even see livestock, because one closed. One of the remaining ones only does Saturday/ Sunday, the other 2 are in the same office, and the (much older) one of the two hasn't been able to come into the...
  18. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Battle of the bucks

    I (by necessity) introduced my 2 bucks, on Monday. The battle was fairly brutal, but seemed to calm, after about half an hour. That evening, we went back out to check on them, and my senior buck was walking fine, but tilted his head awkwardly, when he'd trot or run, but that stopped, within...
  19. Nommie Bringeruvda Noms

    Soap makers?

    I make my own tallow, and find my macadamia nut oil at a local store, but usually end up buying my mango butter, shae butter, and cocoa butter either through Amazon or mountain rose herbs dot com. I'll be teaching a close neighbor, in the next couple weeks. I use both hot and cold processes...