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    What color is this?

    I'm not super familiar with rabbit colors/genes as we're only a year in and focusing more on size/growth for meat. However, I'm trying to learn some more about colors and eventually the genes that go with that. We have this chunky girl from our newest litter. As of right now she's probably a...
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    Newly acquired Escapee

    Now that our does are coming to breeding age I decided to purchase a young buck. We just brought him home last night so put him in a separate temporary pen. This morning while trying to catch him to get to move him to the field where we can watch amd make sure he understands the electric...
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    Ossabaw X AGH??

    Good morning all! I was wondering if anybody has had Ossabaw x American Guinea Hog crosses before? We had fertility issues with our AGH boar so he went to freezer camp. I decided to move away from AGH when I found a great deal on an Ossabaw boar and gilt, then some Kune Kune. We planned on...
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    Electric fence

    I have a pair of guinea hogs who are about a year old now. I ran electric fence over a 1 and an a half acre area for them to have for grazing, etc. They stayed put for about a month then began breaking out by ducking and running (why they'd break out when they have all of the pasture amd acorns...
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    Newbie with scurs

    That makes perfect sense, Goat Whisperer. I didn't think of it like that. I can try to get a pictures in the morning of it.
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    Newbie with scurs

    Thanks for the quick replies! Do you guys recommend using the wire, or would trimmers be OK? I read somebody used hoof trimmers, but most videos I see are of the wires (and their scurs are much bigger than my girl's). Is it possible to train the scurs away from the head? Sorry if that's a...
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    Newbie with scurs

    I'm new to goats and just got a pair of sister Tog/Nigerian Dwarf crosses about a month ago, and added a little 8 week old Nigerian buckling last week. The two sisters bout have scurs. One they're hardly even noticeable and they don't bother her or me in the least. The other has one really tiny...