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    Omlet plastic chicken coops

    Hey, does anyone have any practical hands on experience with an Omlet eglu cube ( I can find a ton of Cube reviews, all saying good things but cant find anyone saying anything bad?! Suppose that's a good thing. Its just they are expensive y'all! Over 1000 bucks for the setup I...
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    Emergency Advice?

    Get her in if you think its the right thing to do, by any means possible. Then fence or rope (as someone else suggested) her in a pen.
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    Pasture mate compatabilty

    Hey, well in the old days alll these 'farmyard' animals you mentioned (and more) would all co habit happily together. You have 20 acres, wow im jealous! In just two acres we have 2 alpaca, 15 chickens, 3 goats and some ducks - all have got along fine for years. The goats fight sure, they head...