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  1. DKRabbitry

    American Guinea Hogs!

    COOL! I got my boar from her last year. Jasper is his sire. Can't remember offhand who his dam is though... 3 months? I am jealous. It took 6 months to get Harry's registration, 4 months to get my sow's, and I sent in my membership application and a litter registration last August. They...
  2. DKRabbitry

    What Breed????

    I would recommend American Guinea Hogs if you are just wanting something to love and feed, possibly eventually butcher. They are slow growers, but they are lovely little hogs that are easy to handle and quite personable. Other smaller pigs that are nice to have around are Potbellies or Kune...
  3. DKRabbitry

    Can ya'll tell me about the American Guinea Hog?

    We just got AGHs last year. Everything I have read says the ideal time to butcher is 10 months to 1 year. Our boar is 1 year and 3 months and he is just now filled out to a size I think would be worth butchering (125-150lbs). Our 7 month olds are still very small. Our boar's sire was a...
  4. DKRabbitry

    American Guinea Hogs!

    I just got into AGHs last year. We had our first litter in June and plan on breeding our sow back this month. Did you get your hogs from Olive Hill? What has the timeframe been on getting your paperwork back from the AGHA?
  5. DKRabbitry

    DKRabbitry ~ Constantly on the go

    A busy life can be a good thing :rolleyes: Seems like forever since I have had time to just play on the internet. I have been getting a lot more hours and work, and when I am home it seems I am either doing chores, eating, sleeping or the internet isn't working LOL First off.... Piggy Update...
  6. DKRabbitry

    ~ Betty's Kidding thread ~ SHE IS!

    YAY BETTY! :pop I'm so excited for you.
  7. DKRabbitry

    77Herford Farm Zoo Journal Moving

    You should tell Rolley he has his own cheer squad on here. If I know dogs, that will inflate his head for sure and help him heal. Congrats on the babies and lots of milk!
  8. DKRabbitry

    Jodief100--- random stuff and BIG news

    *Sigh* So Cute! How many more does do you have due yet? I am still working out a way to get that red buckling in your avatar.... You wouldn't be interested in a mini pig would you? ;)
  9. DKRabbitry

    KinderKorner's ** Kid Pictures

    Stinks that you had to take such a hit. I have found it works that way sometimes. I just take the enjoyment I got out of it and call it even (or if not enjoyment, then the learning experience to never do that again!) I will be staying tuned for kidding time and baby photos! I am a touch...
  10. DKRabbitry

    What color..?

    It most certainly could :D Different genetics will grow and mature at different rates. Could also be because it is a pig and eats more or just stronger & bigger than its sibs. Lots of reasons for various sizes in a litter when there is one sire, you just added another one having two possible...
  11. DKRabbitry

    DKRabbitry ~ Constantly on the go

    Drat... my chauffer says too far too :/ he is such a fuddy dud. At least he is nice and does drive me a lot of places. I hate hate HATE driving. So if DH doesn't wanna, I usually don't just because I won't drive myself. I am sorta saving up my driving points for the 3 hour drive that I...
  12. DKRabbitry

    Our first St. Croix Lambs

    How cute! Congrats! May I inquire as to what it means to "jug" your ewes?
  13. DKRabbitry

    DKRabbitry ~ Constantly on the go

    You close to MI? I will totally trade a ceeeeute little baby piggie for a nice meaty buckling ;) I can't believe that they are already so chunky and running all around the stall like crazy things. I touch them and pet them and hold them twice a day while Pinkerton enjoys her meals. Harry...
  14. DKRabbitry

    77Herford Farm Zoo Journal Moving

    Well that isn't fun :/ Allergies like that are hard. We have a cat at the place I work and a lady came in for an interview for a sales position, she was sneezing her head off one min into the interview. Needless to say, they didn't think she would work out well there. At least you were nice...
  15. DKRabbitry

    Roll Farms - Herdstock is over, and I'm feeling hung over, lol

    The really sad part about that whole thing though was that it was the mother that was the rude one teaching her child to be that way too. Ugh, that annoys me so.
  16. DKRabbitry

    DKRabbitry ~ Constantly on the go

    LOL At least you get baby goats before I do. I have to wait untill April for mine. I am terribly excited for baby goats. The baby pigs are sooo cute, and baby rabbits are cuddly and nice, but baby goats... those are gonna be sooooo much FUN! :celebrate
  17. DKRabbitry

    Attack rabbit?

    With the *mean* rabbit we had, it was just when she was bred/had young babies. She was tolerable, though not friendly, when she was open, but once she was bred WATCH OUT! You didn't want to enter her space. I didn't even mess with her, DH did. Once the kits were about 4 weeks old, she was...
  18. DKRabbitry

    Anyone with Babies due in Feb?

    We had 7 cute little Champagnes born on 02-01!