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  1. Pure Country

    Hello All!

    It's been a long time since I have been on here. A lot has happened in the past year or so. My husband passed away on May 15, 2010. He had to have a triple bypass and never came out of recovery. He was diabetic and on dialysis so that complicated things. He is buried in Texas at the...
  2. Pure Country

    A howdy from Georgia!

    Welcome! I am in Ga. also
  3. Pure Country

    Took my camera down to the barn today.....

    Wow, Train is nice. I have only seen the brown and white Boers. I like Big Mama. I have always wanted to get some goats but didn't. A friend of ours used to raise Nubians and Alpines. We have always had horses and have cattle for almost 7 yrs.
  4. Pure Country

    Boy or girl? Is there an easy way to tell?

    I can drive a 5 speed. Have been able to since I was 19. That is a very informative link.
  5. Pure Country

    Stealing Animals

    That was great. The dalmation was cute and the golden ret. is so much like my dogs. If you don't watch what you are doing, they will do a sneak attack.
  6. Pure Country

    beefmaster pair

    Very nice. The ag teacher at the high school has beefmasters. They are nice.
  7. Pure Country

    Where do I learn show and pre-show techniques? (cattle)

    This is off the NALF (limousin) website but should help.
  8. Pure Country

    Any cows out there broke to ride?

    This is Shannon with her show heifer Natalie. She was feeding them one day and Shannon decided to see what Nat would do if she got on her. Nat could have cared less one way or another. She isn't trained to ride but she will allow you to sit on her. Shannon is small for her age anyway...
  9. Pure Country

    How long do bulls court cows?

    LOL! Cows are usually in heat for 24 - 48 hours. At least that is what I was told by a breeder. I think there is an exception to that rule tho. When we got our new bull in April, we didn't have any cows in heat. Then again, we haven't had a bull in with them since Oct. last year. Next...
  10. Pure Country

    bitter sweet

    Awww, he's cute. Glad he is doing good. I had a bottle steer that I got when he was 6 weeks old. His dam rejected him. He was so tiny that when he was 6 months old he weighed 185. I had him till he was 5 1/2. I lost him Aug 1 08 to a rattlesnake bite. He was my baby. I think I have a pic...
  11. Pure Country

    for those of you who feed round bales.....

    We've been using rolls for over 25 yrs. My horses are in seperate pens as several do not get along. Plus I have a stallion. So, I can't put rolls out. I take off what I need per horse. It lasts a bit longer doing it that way. All of mine are nice and fat. They don't have grass so they get...
  12. Pure Country

    Need help but not really a cow ?

    We have both. We got the chest freezer first, long before we had the cows. That was ok. Then we started raising our own beef. We then got a huge upright. Much better. I would like to get another upright and get rid of the chest freezer.
  13. Pure Country

    Murray Grey cattle - some pics

    Very nice animals! We have Limousin. They are pretty neat w/lots of personality. When we show, if it is a bull a year or younger, they don't need a nose ring. We don't use the permanent ones, just the clamp on ones. We don't use them on steers or heifers.
  14. Pure Country

    Penny-Our 11 yr 11 month 1week old St Bernard-Passed away

    :hugs I'm sorry to hear she passed away.
  15. Pure Country

    Orphaned baby bunnies

    That would work or use Similac w/iron formula. That is what I used on some bunnies that were orphaned. Instead of regular milk use evaporated milk.
  16. Pure Country

    Cleaned out china cabinet

    and I have these items for sale. 2 cow dolls. 20.00 for both. Wooden cow 8.00 Rabbit/Easter knick knacks. 15.00 for all Misc. knick knacks. 20.00 for all. I paid 15.00 for the dolphins. They are ceramic. Vanity set. Hand painted. Made in Portugal. 20.00 for set. We have...
  17. Pure Country

    Grey Wolves back in the news.

    Ok, I know I am not going to be very well liked after this and will probably be called a bunny hugger, but this is what I believe and it is my opinion. I used to own a wolf hybrid, half timber/half German Shepherd. One of the BEST dogs I have ever owned. She died almost 3 yrs ago at the age of...
  18. Pure Country

    Cost of Hay?

    We primarily use rolls. We pay about 35.00/40.00 for a 1000# roll of fescue or fescue mix. Around 40.00/45.00 for coastal. A friend of ours in Texas said that decent horse hay is going for 100.00 for 900# a roll.
  19. Pure Country

    Be jealous.

    Cool egg cooker. I don't think I have ever seen anything like that around here. I would get one if I could find one.
  20. Pure Country


    Welcome to the herd. We are originally from Texas. Hope to go back sometime soon.