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    just a question from a newbie

    We have three horses and we only have a shelter which is in a mud paddock with pastures surronding it . They are taken off the pasture during the evening hours . They do not get blanketed during the winter months ...well my daughters horse maybe on a cold cold night as she's the diva and alot...
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    Okay horse people .....Arab X ?

    Wow they do look alike .....beautiful horse and I am sorry to hear about her passing ...
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    buying a potbelly in New Mexico?

    Hello Have you tried KIJIJI classifieds ....that is where I found my pig?.....or look in the local papers under livestock or at local livestock auctions....
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    Okay horse people .....Arab X ?

    Thanks everyone ...I'll try and get another photo of her ....she's a woolly mammoth right now ...
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    Potty Training a Pot Belly Pig using a bell at door

    Good Morning everyone! Hope this is the right spot to post this one...:D I just recently got a 12 week old Pot Belly Pig named Bella I am home 24/7 I have her in the kitchen now ...she has a dog cage made to her size and I have been taking her out after eating/drinking and playing and giving...
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    Okay horse people .....Arab X ?

    Merci Beautiful horse! they do look alike.....thanks so much for the photo
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    "Pig" sitting....I loved it ! I want one still....UPDATE

    Okay hubby has granted me the wish of having a PBP for a christmas present ....I am now on holidays and will return home soon and that is when i am going to start looking ! :weee :celebrate So i need all the information you can give me on picking out a pig how to train it breaking...
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    How do you get a 2,000 lb bull in a trailer?

    :celebrate :thumbsup :clap Thank you for the photo's ! Your a good person ....
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    How do you get a 2,000 lb bull in a trailer?

    :pop :pop :pop :pop :pop :pop :pop
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    Bought A New Horse! **Photos Added**

    Hey ! What a beauty ! Congratulations !!! Love her colour... We bought all three of our horses off KIJIJI also....and we still keep in touch with two of the previous owners ... About getting sued...I dont understand some people ...A horse is a could be fully trained to the max and...
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    Just wanted to tell you ....

    Oh Yes ! $$$$$$ That is HER plan .....I said start saving and we will pay half....ching ching ching ....she has to make her mind up for sure !!! in the meantime she can use our neighbours set up ....they have magnificent eventer horses ....huge!!! like 17 hh or more ...never asked ....their...
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    Just wanted to tell you ....

    Have I told you lately how much I love my horse ? I didnt know I would enjoy our horses as much as i do .. Sunday morning my hubby and daughter and I went for a trail ride was so relaxing .......the leaves are starting to turn colours and there are no BUGS!!!! Heres a photo from...
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    The Lupin Farm Thread: Photos, Stories, Rambling..

    Wow ! You have been busy!! Hope your finger mends fast...
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    Canada !!!!

    :frow and :welcome from Ontario
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    finally found out what is killing my goats.

    This is very interesting because two weeks ago my friend had to put pony down and the vet suspected this sickness that horses can get ...exspecially if they live close to swamps ...or wet area's....its from snails and slugs....a week later the same vet put another horse down in our same area...
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    What do You Think

    Go for it !!!....He'a a very hanesome fella!
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    I bought this dress...

    Hello Lupin ! I am tall also ! I agree with the post above ....with the belt it looks more like of a party dress......good luck on your adventures of interviewing ! or I was wondering if you have a similar belt in black? that will match black shoes ?
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    How young is too young for horseback riding lessons?

    When we first moved out to the country and DD wanted a horse we all took lessons as a family .....hubby who has been around horses growing up ,myself and DD who was 8/9 yrs old and our sone who was 12 ....Ended up hubby did it for 2 months and our son dropped out because there was no playstation...
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    Common Misconceptions and Frequently Asked Questions

    Dont have any goats ...but someday I would like to get some ...thank you ! For all the quick information ...very intersting ...
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    Horses, ponies and mules

    :frow and :welcome from Ontario Canada......okay its to early in the morning for me and my 2nd cup of Java has yet to kick my brain into workin'......what does MFT stand for ...thanks I have never seen a gaited mule ...interesting ....learn something new every day ...:)