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  1. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    I did a little reading on this, and I guess it is common practice for some folks to tape tennis balls up there: I'm undecided, but these kids might be even cuter with tennis balls on their horns. Another alternative I read about, was to use Kong dog toys...
  2. Valais

    Sheep won't stay in!

    A couple articles about fencing on the farm: As @norseofcourse mentioned, part of the problem is that your sheep are restless, and they know what to do...
  3. Valais

    Art anyone?

    I'll post some photos one of these days. I love all forms of art, from carving, to painting, to drawing, to graphic design. I've done t-shirts, logos, business cards, helicopter decals (UH-1A, UH-1B) and more. Mostly I just draw for my daughters, and did some concept designs for custom window...
  4. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    I am surprised you manage to keep those golf balls on. I would have expected them to be rubbed off in a matter of hours, haha. :yuckyuck
  5. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    Further reading: I...
  6. Valais

    Rabbit Ringer

    I would have to agree with @Sweetened. I think as long as you have a hanging rig nearby, I don't think the Rabbit Ringer will be a problem. But, you already have it, why not test it out?
  7. Valais

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    @Samantha drawz Congrats! :)
  8. Valais

    Pigs On Vacation

    What do your pigs do in their downtime? Are the runners? Swimmers? Sleepers? Maybe they vacation in the Bahamas?
  9. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    A couple good reads on both sides of the fence.. Against: For:
  10. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    Is it common to have some form of scur growth after the disbudding procedure?
  11. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    May I follow up on your answer, OneFineAcre? I was aware of ADGA/4H requirements to have dairy goats disbudded or dehorned. I imagine this is in part due to the safety concern of traditionally being around the public / kids, but do you think it is a fair requirement, and one that is necessary?
  12. Valais

    Do You Disbud Your Kids?

    I will not put judgement down on either side, but I was curious what people here think about disbudding kids. I know for some, it is an issue of safety, and first and foremost, that is a priority. While for others, it is an issue of animal welfare, and removing a prominent part of a creature...
  13. Valais

    Flehmen's Response

    Proud dental transplant patient, silly horse antics, or normal mammal behavior? The world may never know, but it never stops me from smiling when a horse proudly shows off their pearly whites. What are some of your favorite horse mannerisms?
  14. Valais

    Rabbit Ringer

    I caught this interesting video over on YouTube, while looking for humane alternatives when butchering a rabbit. I am curious, has anyone tried this product, or used a similar one? What methods do you use when harvesting meat rabbits?
  15. Valais

    Help us choose the new BYH header image!

    #5 is my personal favorite, including the rooster. :hide:hide
  16. Valais

    Boys VS girls

    That is a very high number, men. Back to work. 90
  17. Valais

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the community, and always happy to see a lurker turned member! :)