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    cross of RNZ AND WNZ COLORS?

    This doe was the offspring of a NZW doe and NZR buck. One of the best rabbits I've ever had. I'm no good with color genetics, but some BYH folks told me she was a "gold-tipped steel" rabbit.
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    Yeah, TSC cages are pretty poor. The best cages & cage material (in my experience) come from Bass Equipment, Klubertanz, or similar cage/wire supplier. I like being able to get wire rolls and make my cages to my design and desire.
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    pulling fur, so gave her a nesting box, now its a litter box?

    When putting in a nesting box, avoiding the "potty corner" is good advice. Good does will not soil the nesting box; they know what it is for. Some breeders cull does who never figure out not to soil the nest - too much hassle trying to keep babies clean and dry, especially if kindling in...
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    Wall covering for butchering?

    Stainless steel for every surface you can - easy to clean and sanitize.
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    Cage Size For Dwarf Rabbits

    I would think that cage size is fine for dwarfs. I have my meat rabbits - Silver Fox, Californian - in 30x30 cages.
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    Cockerel or Pullet? Opinions, please!

    I purchased 10 pullets some weeks back. Mix of Buff Orpingtons, Columbian Rocks, and Barred Rocks. Fast forward to present day: one of the Buff Orpingtons is definitely a rooster - appearance, crowing, and today I saw him mounting a couple of the hens. My suspicion is that one of the...
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    Bunnies inside.

    Depending on how many rabbits you have, I would be concerned about odor. I'd also be concerned about the buck spraying and the general mess of having to empty litter pans. I'm not a fan of indoor rabbits, but that is just me. I'm in VA, and we have hot, humid summers and freezing temps in...
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    Silver Fox question...

    Based on the pic with the bricks, and my own experience, I don't think your seller lied about age. You'll be surprised how much rabbits grow wk 8 - wk 12. Rabbits have growth spurts just like kids, in my experience. Looks like a good healthy rabbit to me. Don't give up hope! I do agree with...
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    How do I.....

    X2. I keep a sharpie pen to mark ears for all sorts of reasons. It's temporary and fades in a matter of days.
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    End of rabbit season?

    The baby buns will self-regulate; they'll climb up through the hair and lay near the top if warm and will burrow down if they get cooler. I'd leave the hair/nest just as is.
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    I'm getting a Jersey Cow!!!! She's soo sweet!

    If she's as attached to the calf as you say, you may have a cow freaking out in the trailer because she can't get to her calf - especially if she can see the calf/dogs.
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    What is this deer?

    That's a garden variety whitetail deer. Muzzle is a little elongated, but whitetail nonetheless.
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    Age of male when breeding

    For many breeds, six mos. is the age when males will be sexually mature. Some larger breeds the males take longer. It's like puberty - not everyone hits it at exactly the same time. The buck's genitalia needs to be developed enough to be able to get the job done. For most, this means the...
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    Calf Manna

    I don't feed kits any calf manna at any time; I supplement my nursing does with 1-1.5 tablespoons once daily starting on day of kindle. Supplement is tapered off as kits get closer to weaning so doe doesn't have any issues drying off her milk supply at weaning. My grow out rabbits just get...
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    When can daddy be put in with the babies? If ever

    Your doe is only 3 weeks removed from kindling. If she is healthy, she is quite fertile. If you put the buck back in I'd be much more surprised if you DIDN'T get a litter than if you do. The buck will be intent on breeding the doe; while he may not be intentionally aggressive to the babies...
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    Geometry for flight up to roost?

    My chicken set up is a small coop w/large attached run. I want to build a roost in my coop for my new flock of 10 birds. My previous flock were ground sleepers. My coop is 4' x 6'. The roost will be on the 6' length. If the roost is 36" off the ground, is 3' enough distance to allow them to...
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    Flemish Giant mix for eating?

    When crossing rabbit breeds ALWAYS breed smaller breed buck to larger breed doe. The reverse of this can cause kindling issues, even death for a doe trying to kindle kits that are just too large for her body & birth canal. On a related note, one of my best does is a NZ/Giant Chin cross. I've...
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    Breeding siblings?

    Depends on your purpose. If you are breeding for meat consumption (i.e., all kits will be butchered), then there is no problem with breeding siblings. I've done it and had no issues.
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    Need Advice: Day olds vs. started pullets

    Quick laying hen question(s)...I'm rotating my current flock of red sex links to the freezer for soup, and considering replacements. Trying to decide between 12 wk old pullets and brooding day old peeps. Flock size will be 10, breeds the same in either scenario. In my shoes, what would you...
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    How did this happen?? Pregnant Emergency!

    There is every reason to expect that the full-term kits would be born healthy and fine. The 2nd breeding kits would only be at 22-23 days gestation (specifically whatever the number of days is between breedings). That is way too early; they won't be viable.