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    Oberhasli heat in May?

    Her ligaments are tight tight tight! Nothing about this goat says pregnant to me, BUT the discharge. And here we are waiting for a goat to maybe kid. I swear they do it on purpose haha!
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    Oberhasli heat in May?

    Hello, I have a friend who recently purchased a supposedly pregnant Oberhasli goat. I went to take a look at her because the friend is a new goat owner and was worried about the goat being past her due date. I wasn’t able to take photos but this goat did not look in the least close to kidding...
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    What is this thing?!

    We recently took in a calf that had been rejected early by its mother and then continued to be nothing but trouble for his farmer. He’s almost a year old and tiny! I don’t know what breed he is but he’s super timid and sweet. Anyone know cattle well enough to help me identify this little fellow...