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  1. Egg_Newton

    Barn Cam

    I have a first freshener ready to pop any day now. She is a HUGE, waddling, mess. We installed a netcam in the barn last night and I absolutely love it. I thought for sure she would go last night or today but she is hanging in there. But, since it is a web cam I can still keep a vigilant watch...
  2. Egg_Newton

    LGD pups N. Ga.

    I know it's been a few months but do you have any pups left?
  3. Egg_Newton

    Corrective Hoof Trimming

    I've been watching him since his last trim. He seems to be more correct now. I'll just have to keep an eye on him. And get you some pics. He's a beautiful little guy. He is mini-Nubian but is looking rather stocky.
  4. Egg_Newton

    Corrective Hoof Trimming

    I have a buck who seems to walk on the sides of his hooves intead of the bottoms. I trimmed them yesterday and did the best I could to try and correct this. They weren't over grown just grown funny. I will try and get some pictures to better show you what I mean but I had to trim some from in...
  5. Egg_Newton

    Newest Baby

    She is a 1st generation Mini-Nubian. I believe her full name is going to be Sweet M'Caprine My Lil Angelface. The only way I could get her to hold still was to scratch her head and ear.
  6. Egg_Newton

    How do you know of your kid has had a "bad disbudding job"?

    It seems like it takes FOREVER for it to completely heal and the hair to grow back, but it will eventually. I just picked up a 12 week old doeling this weekend and she still has a spot that hasn't healed.
  7. Egg_Newton

    How many keep just pet goats?

    "pets with benefits" I like it.
  8. Egg_Newton

    Miscarriage??? Help Please

    Well she passed whatever it was and has a bit of bloody discharge.Just been keeping an eye in her to make sure she doesn't start running a fever.
  9. Egg_Newton

    Miscarriage??? Help Please

    I guess I will keep an eye on her tonight and call my vet tomorrow. I looked it up online. Lutalyse requires a perscription.
  10. Egg_Newton

    Miscarriage??? Help Please

    Where can I get oxytocin?
  11. Egg_Newton

    Miscarriage??? Help Please

    I went out today to trim hooves when I put one of my mini nubioan girls on the stand I saw this. She was with my buck a couple months ago and as you can see has absolutely no udder development so there is no way she could be full term. I felt it and it is still attached to her and solid...
  12. Egg_Newton

    Raw Whole Goat Milk Gives Me the Poops?

    I haven't had it tested. I've been drinking it for a couple weeks now and my body seems to adjusting. I can drink it now without any problems.
  13. Egg_Newton

    Raw Whole Goat Milk Gives Me the Poops?

    I'm not lactose intolerant. And I've always drank skim or 2% from the store. I've been drinking it for about two weeks now and its only when I drink a cup quickly. Its not ummm "scours" just a sudden urge to go. Anyone else experience this. As far as I know. No one else in my family is having...
  14. Egg_Newton

    Nubian Buck Dying,... (Was lost, rest of herd?)

    I would be concerned with vitamin deficiency. Do you have loose minerals available for them? Do you live in a selenium deficient area? Use copper supplements?
  15. Egg_Newton

    Goats and Chickens?

    It took a few adjusments after we first built it to keep everybody out.
  16. Egg_Newton

    Cement floor, wood, or dirt in your barn?

    I have dirt and really like it. :hu But we do have stone layered underneath also. I don't usually use bedding but had to this winter because of the bitter cold and don't really have odor issues. I just use a shovel to scrap up the goat berries and hay. We are planning on building a new barn...
  17. Egg_Newton

    DH's Song for my new Buckling

    That's great! :lol:
  18. Egg_Newton

    Goats and Chickens?

    This isn't mine but I used the same design. Works great! Even keeps the ND kids out and easy to make. I had to show the chickens how to use it. I have a hen with a gimpy leg that it took her about a week to finally figure...
  19. Egg_Newton

    Goat love

    Kuzco is so pretty!:love:love:love
  20. Egg_Newton

    My Boy is Famous!

    So, I got my TMGR membership packet today with a 2014 calender and low and behold lookie who is Mr. March!