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    Big Brag section for your LGD's and working dogs purebred or not :o)

    My right hand man "Dusty" simply put i cant imagine doing this with out him. nobody bother me, nobody bothers my animals needer :)
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    do you grass feed or grain feed before slaughter?

    i grass feed and finish all of my cattle 100% the problem i see in alot of case's with poor quality in pasture finished beef is if you feed them trash pasture you will get trash meat, you can only get out what you put in, finish them out on good quality grasses and you will see and tast the...
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    Is this a good price?

    speaking as a tech, check with your local farms, you more then likely will be able to find some one local to you that will come over and take care of this for you. I charge 15.00 for local but have driven many miles to breed 100 or more animals at a time for 10.00 per head (thats just cost of...
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    Meaning of Organic

    man-o-man organic to be lazy....that makes me laugh :) My farm and herd and crops as well as pasture are all "CERTIFIED" Organic you would be shocked at the "EXTRA WORK" we do just because we can not buy "management in a bottle" at our local co-op. let alone the paperwork and the hoops you have...
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    Organic Beef Cattle

    our angus cattle do very well here in VA 100% Certified Organic, the cattle as well as the hay grown here for the cattle as well their pasture. this is one of 4 spring breeding herds what breeds do you all raise?
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    OMG! My dog had her PUPPIES! new pics pg 5

    Hey, my dogs want to come live with you...they feel cheated lol
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    What's your favorite cut of beef?

    I'm a serious beef eater , with that said i dont do guts/brains/udders etc :) My wife grilled a tritip this past summer that i fell flat out in love with
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    Should I feel guilty?.Hubbys been outside....

    sounds like he's gonna get that help without asking.....smarrrrrrt man lol
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    Who here has beef cattle?

    aaaaa gosh, i have been around and worked with cattle all of my life (i'm 42 goin on 63) i currently manage a herd of well over 400 certified organic black angus along with well over 1000 acres and in my free time i raise a few here at home :)
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    Thanks Farmer Kitty!

    Farmer Kitty, i hope you are doing well.....i apreciate everything you do and have done here
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    yes ma'm... this is her third calf for me, the last two were black as the ace of spades....but not a problem. i know whats in the wood pile :)
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    basicly black angus with a little brahma thrown in the wood pile yrs ago and Rusty is a bull
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    Hey Guys

    thanks...... like what ya'll did to the place while i was away .... looks great!
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    Hey Guys

    havent been on in a while been very busy hope to be here a little more often :)
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    breakfast @ Katy's house

    nice feed lot, very clean! ...thos cows aint wantin for nothin :D
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    Sold some heifers

    speakin of AI ....allllll i did yesterday, allll day long. have over 300head synced did i mention my arm hurts? tho i would never complain :D have a great vacation and enjoy!
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    looking for someone who might know who artifically insemenates cows

    AI for 25 yrs but thats a bit of a drive for me lol here is a link, contact these folks they should be able to help you locate an AI pro in your area
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    BYCows T-shirt transfers!

    sure that might be just fine for wynedot55 but can i get one with a tattoo or a doo rag maybe? (great work kitty)