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  1. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Goat with fractured leg.

    At least, that's what I think happened. She got it trying to jump the fence, and I walked out to find Millie running around the barn, not putting any weight on her leg. Localized swelling and tenderness and not putting any weight on it whatsoever, she will not tolerate me even brushing her...
  2. GrassFarmerGalloway

    My goat is being TOO friendly. Help!

    I have a goat named Marshall, he's a saanen, which I know are genetically a more people-oriented breed. But he's really crossed a line. I love being able to sit down in the goat pen and watch my goats eat, have them stand by me while I scratch their foreheads, etc, but he's getting more and...
  3. GrassFarmerGalloway

    And once again...

    I have appeared out of nowhere. I figured this would be best placed in the announcements forum, as I am such an incredibly important person I figured the entire world would want to hear about me! :D I apologize for my lack of activity, there has been an incredible amount of hardship in my...
  4. GrassFarmerGalloway

    OK... Some goat troubles.

    Hi, everyone! My two new goats, Milly and Marshall, are both settled in well and growing bigger. They're both little darlings, but they have it in their heads now that they want to play with me, (aka, jump on my lap, headbutt me, wrestling...). How do I stop this? Also, my Saanen wether...
  5. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Late baby

    We have a new baby on the farm! A dun bull, courtesy of our prize cow, Valenteen! This is Val's first calf on her own. Her first two years she lost calves to the cold, the third we had to help her nurse the baby, but this year, we walked into the field, and there he was, healthy and happy...
  6. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Scurs? Possible horns?

    My goat, Milly, seems to have been dehorned improperly. One of her horn buds is flat, while the other has a place where there seems to be a scur growing. What should I do? Also, Marshal the saanen seems to be growing horns. He has two large lumps right were his horns should be, but he's a...
  7. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Goats always seem hungry

    My two new goats, Marshall and Milly, always seem to be hungry. They get a half pound grain twice daily each, and free choice hay. They have minerals. I also throw tree limbs, weeds, veggies, etc into the other manger, which they enjoy. And yet, they seem hungry, and they're always bawling...
  8. GrassFarmerGalloway

    My new goats! Pictures+updates

    Meet Marshal And Milly! They are the two sweetest goats ever! I'm sorry I'm so late posting pictures, but I spent all day yesterday making a new, better stall for them, and then I couldn't type from a finger injury (I hit it with a sledgehammer while trying to pound a t-post in... Very...
  9. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Oh boy...

    I got goats. :th And I fell in love. Just today, we picked up a pair of two month old kids. One is a saanen wether, the other is a saanen/Arapawa cross. The saanen is named Marshall (we may be changing his name). The cross is Milly. They are both ADORABLE, sweet, and completely into...
  10. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Thank you, Nifty!

    Thank you VERY much for the collapsible forums! They really REALLY came in handy. My mouse wheel wouldn't have lasted very long without them.
  11. GrassFarmerGalloway

    HELP ME!

    AAAH! I keep looking at pictures of goats here, and all of a sudden, I'm getting some! SAVE ME!!! My DM and I found a pair of alpine does, and we fell in love! Can't... Help... It! DF is going to kill the pair of us! :th Please, please, TALK ME OUT OF THIS!!! :barnie
  12. GrassFarmerGalloway

    What to feed?

    I'm thinking about getting a pair of does. I'm thinking about breeding them, and only possibly milking. Can I have lactating does without feeding grain? What do I have to feed to achieve that? Also, how toxic is white clover? I have a lot of it around, it's in all the pastures, will my...
  13. GrassFarmerGalloway

    What's your favorite cut of beef?

    Sirloin? Chuck? Hamburger? Tenderloin? What and why? Mine is hamburger. You can do anything with it and it's cheap. :D
  14. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Pig food

    First post. :D What do you feed your pigs? Grain? Scraps? Acorns? Free range? Let's hear it!
  15. GrassFarmerGalloway

    If you want BYCows to stay the way it is... Show it!

    The people over at the other BYC are thinking about merging this forum with goats and sheep. I, personally, think that would ruin things. We're a group of cow people. I think it would be best for us. Do you agree/disagree? Say! If you agree with me, PM Nifty and say! ~GFG
  16. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Anyone here have...

    Nut/fruit trees? What kinds do you have? What are the upsides and downsides to each tree? I'm especially interested in the nuts.
  17. GrassFarmerGalloway

    Fly control that pays YOU

    Best fly control in the world: A good flock of laying chickens. They follow the herd, spreading the manure, picking at the cow patties for fly larvae. They do a GREAT job. We have nearly ZERO flies around the barn. And, they lay fantastic eggs on all the surplus protein they get. We're...
  18. GrassFarmerGalloway


    I haven't had any experience here, so I thought I'd ask you guys. Our cow, Faith, is currently lactating and nursing a calf (we don't milk for human consumption). I was out in the field today when I noticed her udder was kinda swollen in the front. It was almost as though someone had stuck...
  19. GrassFarmerGalloway


    Our wonderful cow, Jasmine, gave birth to a beautiful dun-colored baby bull this morning! So proud of her! He is adorable! I'm thinking of calling him Charlie... :cool:
  20. GrassFarmerGalloway

    War Stories

    Have you had an interesting experience in farming? Close shave? Incredible miracle? Happy feel-good story? Share it! Let's hear everyone's greatest experiences in farming!