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  1. larryj57

    My first goat

    I agree ,she needs another goat to "herd" with.
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    I clean mine with a water hose from outside the fence. Put up a good fence and don't let the kids go inside. the bedding is hay i throw over the fence, what they don;t eat they root it into the shed.
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    Overun by gophers

    Sorry, I'm having a bad day. My sincere aplogies
  4. larryj57

    Overun by gophers

    I'm just wondering, if you find so much misinformation and have found out not everyone agrees with your opoinion, why do you stick around . I 've seen lots of forums who would love to have someone who has as much knowledge as you and on so many subjects. Just Saying
  5. larryj57

    New to raising calves

    JHM47 gave me the best advice on bottle calves,keep them hungry and make sure they are not on a soy based milk repacer. I raised 6 Jersey calves since last oct ,using his advice and they are REAL close to butchering size/age. Thanks JHM>
  6. larryj57

    Adams flea and tick spray

    Works well for lice, if i hadn't used it in the spring my poor old horse would have been miserable.Great for fly repellant
  7. larryj57

    Size at 5 months??

    The last time i raised pigs I bought 3 Duroc-X at 12 weeks old, they were around 50-60 pounds i butchered them at 7 months old and the lightest one wae 225 lbs hanging weight. so in my opionion that sounds alwful small for a 5 month old.
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    ENDED - BYH Picture Contest - Fall 2013

    Rainbow over the pasture
  9. larryj57

    ENDED - BYH Picture Contest - Fall 2013

    Billy Ray waiting on his hoof trim
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    Good luck with the fence, that was my biggest expense whn I first started.
  11. larryj57

    Howdy! from Texas

    Welcome, no matter what type livestock you get into, there is plenty of knowledge on this forum to assist with most issues. I think I've learned as much by reading here as I did growing up on a farm.
  12. larryj57

    Mini Boers

    I saw an ad on one of the sale sites( Craigslist) say minature Boer goats ,full blooded 100% but not registered . Any one else ever heard of mini Boers, this was a first for me.
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    BYH Conversion Thanks & Props

    :bowI appreciate all your hard work, Thanks
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    Feeding jersey steers

    picture of calves at 1 year old, as you can see plenty of grass but not much meat on the steers. Live and learn
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    How To Upload Pictures / Attachments / Images to BYH

    Testing the file upload , easy as pie!!!!
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    Hello from France

  17. larryj57

    First CD&T Shot?

    Totally agree, about 12 weeks for 1st shot.
  18. larryj57

    Feeding jersey steers

    I have been throwing feed and hay at mine like crazy, not to mention the 20+ acres of good fescue/orchard run grass they are on. They are 13months old,I would guess the heaviest one is aroung 600 lb on the hoof wich will probrally bring in about 350-400 lb of useable meat. I wish they were 800 lb.
  19. larryj57

    Feeding jersey steers

    I have 5 Jersey steers I have raised from bottle babies. The plan was to sell 3 of them and butcher the other 2. They are 1 year old this month, with the rate of growth and amount of work I have learned my lesson, I have them on 20 acers of good grass pasture, this time of year they have free...
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    Is it Just me ?????

    Is it just me or does it seem like the postings on BYH are slowing down? Maybe it's getting into harvest season and folks don't have free time.